It Seems Sony Is Bringing A 1TB PS4 To Retail, But Is It Enough?

ps4 console cover

It was reported a few days ago that Sony filed certification documents which seem to prove that a 1TB Sony-manufactured console is soon on the way. Previously, the only way to have more than 500GB in your PS4 was if you installed a larger drive yourself.

It would appear from the documents filed with the FCC that the rumor is more than likely true. At first blush, the 500GB hard drive size of the new-gen consoles seemed like a solid idea…until we heard that the average install size of a disc-based game hovers around the 50GB mark.

Add to this the 5GB to 10GB patches that aren’t uncommon in most large releases, and that hard drive starts to rapidly whittle away.

When you start thinking about all those nifty digital-only games, you get to the real problem: the space just isn’t enough. Let’s just assume none of that 500GB is taken up by the operating system (even though we all know a good chunk is), you could only install ten disc-based games on your system of choice. That happens pretty rapidly. In these cases, you have to start deleting either install data or game data off your system, and neither seems like it should have to happen in the first year or so of a console release.

Then you have all the digital-only games available through the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live, and that creates a larger problem. You may be able to download and delete those games at will, but what happens when a company decides to remove a particular game, or, let’s say, a super popular demo (SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE SILENT HILLS SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE), from said service?

You are then faced with a weird dilemma: that game, or demo, only exists on the hard drive of your device. What happens if you wanted to upgrade your system to another one? What happens to all those games that will one day not be supported?

If a game (or demo) is removed from the online store, you can’t very well redownload it.

It puts this whole push to digital downloads of games in a weird light. If Sony and Microsoft (and even Nintendo, to a degree) are going to push the digital future on us, why not offer us the opportunity to purchase a console with at least 2TB of data? Sure, it would cost more, and that’s expected, but to think that a 500GB hard drive (respective to the size of the data files involved) would be suitable for long-term use is a bit naive.


One could speculate that these companies could use this tactic in an attempt to drive up console sales by postponing a larger hard drive size for those of us who didn’t want to risk an install themselves (that would be me), though I can’t really imagine this to be true.

I say this because, if Sony really does announce a 1TB system at E3 in less than two weeks, I’m already on board. I’ve had to juggle data on the system so much already, it would be a welcome announcement if the larger system was going to make an appearance at retail sooner than later.

That being said, I genuinely wish they would just make the leap to 2TB. If they announce that, I will put in for my pre-order immediately.

I don’t think day-one patches (or general patches) are going anywhere anytime soon. Game install sizes are likely only going to get bigger over time. Digital-only games are coming out more and more often. DLC is a common practice. Add to these the fun new functionalities like screenshots and such, and you can eat through a 500GB hard drive in no time. It would be nice if, even through greater expense, these systems were built with longevity in mind.

I suppose we will, ultimately, have to wait until E3 to find out for sure what Sony and Microsoft have up their sleeves regarding these consoles.

Speaking of E3, I wanted to remind everyone that I will be live-Tweeting about the E3 press conferences beginning with Bethesda’s highly anticipated first-ever press conference on Sunday, June 14th, at 7:00 PM PST. To hear my overjoyed thoughts on all things E3 via Twitter, please find me at: @rebekah_lang

I wish each of you a glorious weekend, and please be safe out there. And now, off I go to delve further into the Master Chief Collection.


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  1. I genuinely wish you would let me walk you through a hard drive upgrade for your PS4. So much cheaper than replacing your console , and extremely easy to do. Basically I agree, if platform holders are pushing digital distribution they need to provide for more space, but at a minimum a user-friendly DIY option.

    I’m not sure I agree about the patches. Unless it’s new content in pretty sure most of the patch is overwriting data, and therefore not increasing the game’s footprint by much.

    The biggest problem with a digital library for me was the PS3. To re-download past purchases I had to scroll through the extensive download list that included themes, demos and add-ons. What a chore! At least on the PS4 everything is seen in your library which is a big step in the right direction.


    • okay, so let’s say i did want to change out the hard drive myself…could i also transfer all the data from the current drive to the new one? or would i have to start all over? how do you get the sony operating system onto said new drive?

      the other problem i have with my console is that it is a launch console, and it has occasionally (knock on wood) done the auto eject thing. and it has never been an easy task to get it to stop. so replacing it wouldn’t break my heart. but losing p.t.? that might hurt. so if i couldn’t transfer everything from my current drive to the new one, i’d be a little disappointed.

      you’re right, i actually don’t know if the patches overwrite part of that data or increase the overall file size. good point.

      i recently read something about digital titles (for either xbox or playstation, i can’t recall which) still needing to be authenticated with the license or some such, and if the servers are gone, then the game can’t be authenticated and you (in theory) can’t play it. now maybe this article i read was off base, but it’s concerning nonetheless.

      and i know EXACTLY what you mean about scrolling through all those add-ons and avatars and such. i remember having to look for something fairly recently and it took a WHILE. i feel you on that one. and yes, the ps4 interface for such things is vastly improved.


      • Oh yeah, if you’re trying to keep a P.T. install your screwed. I’ve re-downloaded PS3 games that have been removed from the store multiple times as I’ve increased my HDD size (like TMNT Re-Shelled), but the P.T. thing is different. You can’t just transfer titles, it’s a re-download party.

        You download the latest firmware from the Web onto a flash drive and insert that the first time you boot up with the new HDD installed (but I’ve heard rumblings about Sony trying to remove the need for that step.

        All your stuff is tied to your account so you simply need to log in to the network the first time you start the game. Again P.T. is the problem. If keeping it is more important to you than more space you will be tied to that machine and hard drive until one of them fails. Now I’m sad for you, that’s what I get for wanting to help :-P


        • aww, no sad!

          also, i know there is functionality to transfer one ps3 to another directly, and i’m hoping i can do that from ps4 to ps4 as well. if not…then i guess i’m keeping the old ps4 around for p.t.

          which is super silly, but oh well! :)


      • An option to buy the hard drive separately would be nice. I agree with you about installing games.


        • to me it’s a very odd (and helpful) thing that you can buy an external and use that with the system. if they know this is happening so often, why aren’t the offering something similar but just inside the system itself already? i don’t get it. i know it likely all comes down to numbers/sales, but still, i think it would only behoove them in the long run.

          game installs are getting seriously silly. when i went to install the master chief collection on my xbox one, not only did it stop over a DOZEN times (i’m not even exaggerating) but when the install finally did take, it took over three hours to fully install. that’s ridiculous.


    • That is the option you currently have Colton, to buy a separate hard drive and install it yourself. I put a 1TB in my PS3 and a 2TB in my PS4. Both were very easy to do, the only downside is re-downloading all your stuff. Time consuming, but so great to have your entire digital library accessible (or at least most of it). P.T. is currently the only title I know of that can’t be re-downloaded. Microsoft would do well to support the same function for their machines…


      • man, a 1tb in a ps3 is a beast!

        as long as there is functionality to transfer data between systems, i will be more than happy to upgrade to a 1tb if they offer it. if they don’t…man. i don’t know if i could get rid of my system with p.t. on it.

        time to ponder.


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