My Top 3 E3 Likely (And Long Shot) Predictions

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I realize we are still about seven weeks away from the glorious event that is E3, but the show, and its inevitable surprises, have been on my mind.

First of all, I have a confession. I had made it my private goal to try to attend E3 this year. And as soon as the requirements were listed for entry, I was moderately crushed. So crushed that I allowed myself 24 hours to have the ultimate pity party, and then got the heck over it.

It turned out I was eligible on two accounts, but not the other two. Perhaps if my site/writing/etc. receive more attention in the next year, I will be able to attend E3 2016 and write all about it.

It’s my goal.

Now then, these predictions are solely my own, and drawn from the information available out there. Some may seem like slam dunks, and others like conjecture, but here they are.


As most of us are aware, for the first time ever, Bethesda is having their own press conference. This immediately launched a storm of speculation, but let’s take a look at the probabilities.

It seems likely that Doom will get attention, as will Dishonored 2. The last Doom (Doom II) was released in 2010, and Dishonored was released in 2012. We know both are in development so perhaps we will get a better look at both, and maybe, just maybe, a couple of release dates. If we saw a holiday release for Dishonored 2, I would be ecstatic.

The heavy hitters are, of course, the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. Fallout 3 was released in 2008, and New Vegas made its appearance in 2010. Five years out makes it seem highly likely that Fallout 4 may be the big announcement.

A further, but possible, announcement would be a new entry in the Elder Scrolls series. Elder Scrolls 3 was released in 2002, Elder Scrolls 4 in 2006, and Elder Scrolls 5 in 2011. With first a four year gap in release, then a five year gap, one would estimate we wouldn’t see an Elder Scrolls 6 until at least 2016. I see it as a strong possibility that, at the very least, an announcement for Elder Scrolls 6 is made.

If any combination of these predictions are remotely true, there will be a chaos of happiness. And that I’d like to see.

that game company

It’s been fairly quiet on the That Game Company front as of late. Yes, they recently announced that the PS4 version of Journey would at long last be making its appearance this year, otherwise, they have been silent on their current project.

Flow released in 2006, Flower in 2009, and Journey in 2012, so it would be safe to assume their current game may also have a three year gestation. If that is the case, their next entry could be seen this year. At the very least, I anticipate an announcement and possibly a release date.

until dawn

I can imagine a plethora of release dates will finally be announced. Among these, I suspect we will hear the arrival dates for the following:

Dead Island 2
The Division
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Homefront: The Revolution
Just Cause 3
No Man’s Sky
Rainbow Six: Siege
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Until Dawn
The Witness

Then again, some of those might be wishful thinking.

And at that, here are my top 3 long shots:

the last guardian

The Last Guardian is starting to turn into a video game myth of Nessie or Bigfoot proportions: rumored but never proven. Sure we have heard Sony claim it was being “retooled” and sure we have heard that the creative director ceased his work on the project quite some time ago, but still, something keeps us all holding out hope that this will make it to fruition.

With the shift of the next Uncharted out of 2015, many have claimed that Sony needs to pull out all the stops to show it has a holiday season worth joining the Playstation masses for.

The Last Guardian just might do that.

I have no doubt the game exists in some form. I have no doubt the “retooling” was a shift in platform from PS3 to PS4, but at this point, I am concerned for the reception of the game no matter how incredible it may be.

After so many years of anticipation, what will satiate the masses who have waited with bated breath?

Hopefully it comes out of hiding for E3. I imagine the joy could be heard ’round the internet if it comes to be.


I would love to hear both Sony and Microsoft announce larger console sizes. As anyone who owns a current gen system knows, the standard 500GB drive just isn’t big enough for game installs, day one patches, all other patches, and digital downloads. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to “clean house” on my system to make room for all the other delicious games I want to play.

And on that note, I’d love for PS+ to give us just a bit more room for cloud saves. That gets filled up so fast.

borderlands 3

Okay, I’m more than willing to admit this is simply wishful thinking. I know Randy Pitchford has stated at every con from here to there that Borderlands 3 isn’t in production, but methinks he dost protest too much. There’s no way Gearbox would leave their most profitable franchise in the dust for so long.

Borderlands released in 2009, Borderlands 2 in 2012, and with three years between those releases, it seems more than likely that Borderlands 3 is not only in production, but perhaps well along. Yes, we had the Pre-Sequel last year, but that was developed outside Gearbox. We know some key things have changed for 2K and Gearbox (closure and departures), and with the exception of finding it unfortunate that people lost their jobs at 2K Australia, I feel like the loss of Burch and Armstrong won’t necessarily hurt the next entry.

As I will tell you all day long, the first Borderlands is my favorite. It didn’t beat you over the head trying to be funny, it didn’t provide endless input, it just was. It was quietly hilarious; if you read the missions and mission items, you were treated to a genuinely amusing experience. In Borderlands 2 you were beat over the head with it. I far prefer the spare aspects of the first game over the craziness of the second. I feel if they combine the first with the second, there can be a happy medium of an experience to be had.

Do I really think an announcement will be made for Borderlands 3? Not really. Am I hoping for it so hard that it makes my head hurt? Yes. I super am.

And with that, you have my predictions (and hopes) for E3.

What are your thoughts about E3 2015? What do you expect to see? What do you hope to see? Let’s share and feel good about it.

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    • let’s call koei. they seem like they could make that happen if they knew you were waiting so patiently.

      i think it possible that the last guardian appears in some form. as for elder scrolls 6…i think an announcement is very possible.


  1. yes. as e3 was just beginning last year, someone launched a faux rumor saying sony had officially cancelled the project. when sony was reached out to for comment, it sort of forced their hand into saying no, it was still in production. i’m just not sure, no matter how amazing it could be, if it will live up to six+ years of hype.


  2. I hope you get your chance to attend E3 next year, that would be awesome!

    Bethesda: I think announcements for the main series you mentioned are better than likely solely on the fact that they scheduled their own press conference for the first time. You figure a press conference is going to be about 90 minutes in length, which is a lot of time to fill for just one publisher/developer. In the event that one or more of those titles doesn’t receive attention, they’d have to have at least a couple of other projects lined up (new IP) to make it count.

    I completely agree about the larger consoles, although I think it’s much more important for Microsoft than Sony since you can’t currently upgrade the hard drive in the X-Bone yourself. I would have actually purchased a smaller PS4 at a reduced price if that was an option because I prefer to upgrade it myself anyway (currently at 2TB). I do think that Sony should try a little harder to promote that option, it seems to me that it’s not quite public knowledge. And ditto on the increased cloud storage! An absolute must! I would also expect more coverage and details about “Project Morpheus” which I’m pretty psyched about.

    The Last Guardian is an interesting topic on par with Half Life 3. I’m afraid that gamers been wanting those titles now for so long that regardless of the final product, they won’t be able to live up to expectations.

    I’m definitely much more excited for new title announcements than release dates for already known games, but that’s just because of my personal situation. I’ve already acquired so many games that I haven’t gotten around to playing that it’s hard to justify buying/playing a new one during the release window. The big exception to that is No Man’s Sky, which I understand was promised sometime in 2015. So a release date should be announced before E3 is over.

    EA will obviously do a bunch of sports stuff, but I’m excited to hear new details about Star Wars projects and maybe Mirror’s Edge 2. Ubisoft will talk about Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy, but I’m really hoping for Beyond Good & Evil 2 news.

    And Nintendo will something very Nintendo-like that will appeal to Nintendo fans while everyone else scratches their head…

    Let’s get the hype train rolling! Rebekah Lang for E3 2016!

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    • first of all, your declaration at the end of your comment got an actual chuckle out of me. thank you!

      i tend to be on the same page with you as far as your comments go, and this is no exception.

      i think you are correct about the hype of the last guardian being like half life 3. if either of those two games sees the light of day, i hope their reception isn’t as dissatisfying as i imagine they could be.

      and i, too, am all about hearing the new game announcements! that’s the best part! it’s like christmas for gamers. :)


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