April Game Challenge: Week Three

bioshock please stand by cover

If it tells you anything, I’d rather be submerged in Rapture at this moment than here at my computer writing, but alas.

BioShock has its hooks back in me in a great big, Plasmid-wielding way. No matter how many times I’ve played this game, it’s better each time I return to the underwater city. At the risk of sounding very ’90s, the atmosphere rules.

Perhaps I should say “rad” now? I don’t know.

With each new Plasmid I unlock, I get so excited. I had entirely forgotten how awesome Insect Swarm was. I had also forgotten how effective it was. It economically uses the Eve so I am free to send those bees out more often. And I love bees. What better way to bond with my swarm than to take down genetically messed up enemies together?

Oh, bonding.

I’m also finding that I’m taking my time in this playthrough, as I don’t want it to end. Sure I know I have two more games in front of me to enjoy (and I have no doubt I will complete them before the end of the month), but I just love being in this world so much that I find myself in no hurry to complete tasks, instead exploring each area fully and appreciating the stunning environments.

This game holds up. It’s hard to believe it released in 2007.

I have also been popping in and out of the Handsome Collection as it appears Gearbox is tweaking the legendary drop rates, and after being screwed on legendary items in the grillion hours I put into Borderlands 2, I keep trying to see what I can find.

I’ve only rarely been impressed, though I have been finding a higher amount of chubby enemies, and that’s always humorous. They’ve been dropping legendary class mods, and, while none have been great or for characters I use much, it’s still nice to see that beautiful orange glow of a legendary drop.

The only thing that is hovering over my BioShock replaythroughs (that’s a word now) is my intense desire to start Bloodborne. It seems like everyone is either playing it, has played it (and beat it), or is replaying it. I feel driven to play Bloodborne at the earliest possible completion of my game challenge.

And even though I’m terrified I will be just awful at it, I have to play it anyway. Awful or no.

With this playthrough of BioShock, I had decided to start completely fresh, but now I’m wishing I had used the New Game Plus option, instead. It would have been excellent to play with every Plasmid and weapon from the outset, as in one playthrough, there’s no way I will see them all. There are so many truly interesting options, I’m definitely wishing I’d gone in with the advantage.

I will certainly be doing so for BioShock 2 as well as BioShock Infinite.

And with that, off I scuttle to do some real-world things before I settle down to some Rapture things. I have a feeling I will beat the first game today, and with any luck, I will be on to BioShock 2 before sundown.

Is anyone else out there doing a monthly game challenge? If so, how is it progressing?

P.S. Insect Swarm. :)

insect swarm 01

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  1. You’re gonna accomplish you’re challenge this month:). I don’t really have a challenge going on in just jumping between games.


  2. I’m getting more and more excited to try Bioshock when I can get around to it.

    I don’t know how close your Bloodborne experience will be to that of my Demon’s Souls one (I’m still dying to play Dark Souls 1 & 2 as well as Bloodborne), but I really hope you don’t quit on it if it feels like you’re awful initially. I remember losing entire Saturdays, and I mean a solid 8-hour session, where I had not gained an inch. I had made zero progress, but through repeated attempts I had died countless times and put a lot of resources into repairing my damaged equipment so I was literally worse off than when I started. The difference always came down to trying a different area or a different tactic, it was never that I was just terrible. You do have to be capable, which I’m sure you are based on what I’ve read so far. That being said, no game is for everybody, and it’s fine to give up on a title because it’s not fun for you.


    • BI-O-SHOCK! i think it’s safe to say, you’ll love it.

      i won’t quit on bloodborne even if i’m terrible. i’ve got a few good folks who have offered to help me in co-op, and i’m certain that not only will i need it, but i will also welcome the company.

      ouch. eight hours with no progress is brutal, but good on you for keeping the fight up! that says a lot about your determination.


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