A Lovely Milestone

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If you had asked me late last summer if I would, one: have my own website and two: have reached 100 posts in just over six months, I would probably have answered in a non-positive fashion.

Yet today, just a handful of minutes ago, I posted my 100th piece to my site.

I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I mean, let’s face it, I’m not a professional writer. I’m not a journalist. I may aspire to these things, but I’m not there yet.

My site may not get a ridiculous amount of traffic, or even what some may refer to as a “healthy” amount, but I plug along in my efforts. I suppose there is something in this.

I started this site because I wanted to bridge the gap between what I was doing (nothing) and what I wanted to be doing (something). I also did it because I felt I had something to say.

Do I get a lot of views each day? Not usually. Do I genuinely appreciate each and every view, each and every comment?


I enjoy environments where people can be heard. I suppose this is one of the main reasons I was always drawn to theatre. There is a place and a time for each statement, each note. No one is unheard. The respect of listening is in order at all times.

In writing, I believe the same is true. If you don’t want to hear what the writer has to say, you are free to move on and either read, or not read something else. If you are interested and choose to read, a sort of bond is formed between reader and read, and that’s a lovely thing.

Most of my life has been spent not feeling of great import. I’ve often felt what I had to say meant little to anyone. I’d be a fool not to draw the conclusions between residual life nonsense and the draw to be a writer (or at least the draw of basically pretending to be one).

Inside, I am still this earnest and timid kid who wants to be listened to. Be heard. To feel of some import.

So I carry on.

So please, to everyone who reads, or has read, anything on this site: thank you.

To the 53 people who follow this site, a very special thank you. To know that you elect to be notified each time I post something new, well, that means heaps to me.

To the nearly 7,000 views I’ve gotten in a little over six months, thank you. Each view puts me closer to making this a career and not just a recreation.

Thank you, each of you, for taking this journey with me. Whether you follow the site or pop in and out, I appreciate your company immensely.

You matter.

Here is to the next 100.

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  1. First of all, Congratulations on post 100!

    Second, those who write or writers. I’m only on post 8 or so, but I still call myself a writer, because that’s what I do. You are most certainly a writer.

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  2. Rebekah,
    Congratulations on your 100 postings. We enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your thoughtfulness in all that you do!
    Dale & Ronda


  3. Congrats! I’ll admit, though I’ve been subscribed for a while now today is the first day I’ve actually cut out some time to read through your posts (you know, life and work and all that). As someone who has only posted 16 times on a blog I’ve had for nearly five years, you clearly have a dedication to be admired as well as an inspiration to be shared. Keep it up!


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