Hilarious PSN Names (Part 7)

ps 01

Well friends, here we are again, yet another installment in the Hilarious PSN Names series. I suppose at this point I really should refer to it as a series, as it shows no signs of stopping.

I’ve been playing less online, so I’ve been exposed to far fewer names than usual, however there are definitely some amusing picks in this bunch.

Without further blabbering, please prepare yourself for moderate entertainment.

Honorable Mention: WanderingWallaby
I love the idea of a wandering wallaby in the Destiny universe. It would incessantly scuttle around enemies feet trying to trip them up. Yes, I like this idea very much. Those dregs and vandals deserve to be annoyed.

5. BachelorFrog
There was something oddly endearing about this name. I’m unsure if this is a riff on the “kiss a frog/find a prince” saying, but whatever it is, this guy is letting everyone on PSN know, he’s available.

4. Yum_I_Ate_You
Some names I can’t quite put my finger on why they make me so amused. This was one of them. I saw this guy bouncing around the tower in Destiny and it just cracked me up. The statement is superfluous. And also a little creepy. Steering clear…

3. LtPicklez
Moving his way up the ranks, LtPicklez has finally been promoted. Well done, Picklez!

2. snack-stabber
This sounds like a phrase straight out of Lewis Carroll. Snicker Snack. Bandersnatch. This guy attacks those snacks.

1. TapdancinSpiders
This name (and perhaps the book, Daddy Long Legs) is the only thing I’ve ever heard that made spiders seem a little less predatory and a little more vaudeville. It’s genuinely difficult to be anything but curious about a tap dancing spider. Just imagine those tiny taps! And with eight legs, imagine what routines that spider could do!

As the new Destiny expansion released yesterday, I imagine (at least for a while) I will be spending a bit more time in the tower, thus, I will have new and further humorous names to share in the not too distant future.

Until then, be good to each other, and enjoy your Wednesday.

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