Hilarious PSN Names (Part 5)

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Every time I write another entry into this series, I sort of laugh to myself, as this was never meant to be such an ongoing “thing.” However, I encounter so many ridiculous names out there, I can’t keep them all to myself so I curate the “best” and put them together here.

Friends, allow me to serve you up a plate of silliness: part 5 of hilarious PSN names.

5. Bloo-
This name may be funny only to me and at least one other person I know in particular (GATOR!). It sounds like some silly sounds I enjoy articulating. BLOO! The only oddity is the “-” at the end. What is Bloo-? Is it less Bloo? Is that better? Is it worse? Will I ever know?

4. Justice_Giraffe
Oh the stories I’ve heard of Justice_Giraffe. Taking cases pro bono. Working long hours at the courthouse. Choosing not to apply the “Esq” suffix to his name just to remain humble. Justice_Giraffe, you stand for the innocent. Please wear a cape. An impossibly long cape.

I can’t honestly say why this made me laugh so hard. I suppose I like the simplicity. I like the bold nature of such a short word in all caps. I also find goats incredibly silly (Goat Simulator, anyone?) and endearing. Bleeeeeaaaaaa! (That is a goat sound. In case it wasn’t clear.) Wait…what if this was an actual goat playing? And when the system asked for his screen name he put “GOAT” because it was absolutely true? Mind blown.

2. OriginalSnarf
I know I love this one because I feel it should be my brother’s screen name. I use the term “snarf” regularly. For example: “Dude. You snarfed all the good loot. Again.” Forget this guy, my brother is the original snarf. Of course, it could be his super secret screen name, in which case, I knew it.

1. EarwaxBoulder
BWAAAAAAAAA!!! I have no adequate words. In this case, I don’t need any. The name speaks for itself.

Friends, I hope you enjoyed part 5, and, I expect part 6 will pop up sometime in the future. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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