Pre-Release Rituals


Each time a heavily anticipated game release looms on the horizon, I start thinking about “getting ready” for it. Making sure my proverbial ducks are in a row.

I seem to have very specific “rituals” that I must do before each, especially if there is a midnight release involved. There is meticulous vacuuming. There is dusting. The refrigerator must be cleaned and organized for optimization. Appropriate healthy snacks must be procured and put into nifty single-serving bowls. The DVD wallets in which I store my games must be re-organized to accommodate said new game. My gaming database must be updated to reflect the new acquisition.

In the case of the PS4 release, I had a major attack of organization. I pulled the entertainment system away from the wall, completely disconnected every cable, cleaned the floor, the entertainment system, each cable, and bought new power strips to handle the increased load of yet another system. I reorganized the cables in a more concise fashion, labeled each at the plug end so I knew what came from where, and then made the exact space I would need for the PS4. I even had my ethernet cable already connected to my router and just sitting there, waiting for the PS4 to complete the process. I checked my internet to make sure it was running properly, even rebooting it for good measure.

Since I had pre-ordered the system from Amazon mere minutes after the E3 presentation in 2013, I couldn’t exactly do midnight release. I was so excited for its delivery last November that I actually “camped” outside from incredibly early in the morning until the UPS man came around 1pm. I was outside with my camping chair, beverages, snacks, and 3DS (which I was too excited to play) just scouring the street for any sign that the truck would appear. When it finally did arrive, it was pulling into a nearby restaurant parking lot, and I actually went right up to the driver (who was clearly going to get lunch) and asked if he had a delivery for me. He could tell I was all too excited so he said he was happy to check and asked what I was waiting for. I told him and we had a great conversation about gaming (I tell you, gamers are some of the neatest people), and he procured that glorious box which contained my PS4. I thanked him, literally ran away, and immediately connected the system.

I hooked it up, waited a couple of hours for the initial update to take effect, and promptly fell asleep as I’d been so excited I barely slept the night before. Go figure.

The first midnight release I went to was for Borderlands 2. I had gone so far as planning out the fastest route home from GameStop, as I didn’t want to waste any time between picking it up and getting it loaded into my PS3.

I wanted to make sure I was the very first person to pick up my copy, so I arrived at GameStop around 8pm, a full four hours before I could actually touch the game. The staff at the store bought pizzas and sodas for all of us, and it was a really fun atmosphere. I got to meet a lot of folks I may never have otherwise had the pleasure to meet.

The second midnight release I attended was for BioShock Infinite. I, again, arrived incredibly early so I could be first in line, and it was somewhat chilly out, so the staff of that particular GameStop allowed us to wait inside. They, again, bought us all pizza and sodas, and had giveaways for BioShock prizes. It was more like a party than a video game release. I had an excellent time.

The reason all this is on my mind is that a week from tomorrow, Far Cry 4 releases and I confirmed with my local GameStop that there would, indeed, be a midnight release. I am already gearing up, planning my naps accordingly, and getting things in order for that glorious day (night, whichever).

What are some of your pre-release rituals? I’d love to know how others out there deal with their overpowering excitement for impending games/systems.

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  1. Warlords drops on Thursday at midnight…already planning snacks. Almost the whole guild will be up all night playing it, same thing we did for mop. Like 20 people in mumble all bsing to keep each other awake, it’s such a great time. I love this stuff, though, I’ve never camped out in a chair in a hallway. That’s awesome.


  2. I have not attended a midnight release for a new game I’ve been anticipating to play…yet. I’ve always wanted to, but work would always stop me from ever being able to do so.

    My most excited moment for a game I’m anticipating to play is, when I realize it’s lunchtime at my job, and I know I can hop in my car and drive to gamestop to pick up my preordered game, that has been on my brain all morning long. It’s great, because at the end of my workday I head home knowing I have my snacks waiting, my fish will be fed on arrival, and I’m just going to relax and play my new game for at least 3 hours that afternoon.

    When Dragon Age Inquisition releases next week…I think my wife is going to hide my PS4 on me, after I’ve played for a couple of days lol.


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