Hilarious PSN Names (Part 2)

ps 01

I thought I would bookend the week by creating part 2 of this ‘series.’ I’ve been playing a considerable amount of Destiny, and this, of course, has exposed me to many folks playing online. It has also shown me there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to what names people will bestow upon themselves.

So, my friends, please turn your attention to my next set of top five PSN IDs (with one honorable mention).

Honorable Mention: Twotu
I didn’t find this particularly hilarious, but I did really like it. It made me start wondering if there was a ballerina gamer out there who happened to like double the tutus. And it just now occurs to me that tutu might actually refer to tulle. After looking it up, this appears to be correct. Learning! Well how about that.

5. Drflatulence
This should come as a surprise to no one due to the allusion of the word “fart.” The fact that someone arranged to get their MD or PhD in farting only amuses me further.

4. AncientWaffles
This just made me laugh. I don’t know what is funnier, the idea that there were waffles in ancient times, or that someone might be referring to some petrified waffle that was left out on the counter for some unspecified amount of time and turned into a wafflebrick.

3. ExplosiveMuffin
In keeping with the pastry theme, I saw this one and loved it. Is it a weapon? A firework? A flavor of Pop Rocks? We’ll never know. Probably.

2. Iluvnakdladys
I was playing online with two other people at the time I first saw this, and we all had a good long laugh. This guy (or gal) is super up front about what they like. I respect that.

1. Agiant_PP
I think I found this one the funniest because I didn’t get it right away. For some reason when I glanced at it, I saw “Agent_PP.” I was thinking, is that a reference to something? A TV show or a movie? And then I put it together: a giant peepee. Wiener. BWAAA!!! Who on earth would name themselves a huge wiener? That guy.

Granted, none of these are as wonderful (or as mystifying) as pantyhamster_187, but I still love them. I look forward to all the weird future candidates that I will come into contact with.

Happy Friday my fellow weekend warriors!

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