Hilarious PSN Names (Part 1)

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Before I started playing Destiny on PS4, I had never played an online multiplayer game before. Sure, I had played co-op online with people I knew, but never with folks I didn’t know in reality.

In the hub area of Destiny (the Tower), I started seeing all kinds of silly (and sometimes completely juvenile) PSN ID’s. However there have been a handful that made me laugh out loud. For a while.

The funniest part is when I end up in a Crucible match (PvP) with someone who repeatedly kills me, yet has a name that makes me giggle.

So, my friends, allow me to present the first five names in what I hope will be an ongoing list of silliness.

5. High_Five_Your_Face
The longer I thought about this, the funnier it was. It reminded me of a knock-knock joke a friend used to tell me that involved an intrusive starfish.

I think this one is self-explanatory. This person likes to stay regular to stay happy.

3. zombie_phart
I am more than willing to accept that this one is far funnier to me than to others. I have an overwhelming affection for the word “fart” in print. Seeing it intentionally misspelled was even funnier. Then I started wondering how a zombie could “phart” in the first place. I spent a while honestly laughing over this name.

2. erect4justice
I saw this one and erupted in laughter. It was only compounded when I told a friend (who I play Destiny online with) about it, and he said, “Well some people have a passion for the law.” BWAAAAAAAAA!!!

1. pantyhamster_187
How many times, how many dozens of times have I now said “pantyhamster” out loud because of this person’s name? So many. And then I start with the internal questions: were there 186 pantyhamsters before this one? Who are they?! Do they have annual pantyhamster conventions? Do they call it PANHAM CON?

So many questions.

The more I play online, the more names I am seeing, so I hope to make this an ongoing feature. I am a huge fan of silliness, and it abounds in the PSN internets. And to all the folks mentioned: a great big thank you for the sincere amusement.

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