A Lesson In Perspective

2014.09.20 crazy cloud

Yesterday was a lesson in perspective.

While at the vet (our puppy had an incident that required his neck fur to be shaved and the area to be treated), there was a little girl and her father in the lobby. She asked if she could pet Cloud (our pup), and we said yes, but to be careful of his neck.

She carefully started petting him and began explaining that their dog had been at the vet for almost a week and they were there to pick him up. It was only in a roundabout way that I found out their puppy had a real problem: earlier in the week they had come home and found something very wrong with one of his eyes. The vet did everything she could, but the eye had to be removed.

And when they brought the dog out, I ached inside for this poor pup with only one eye.

The moment the little girl saw him, she exclaimed in complete sincerity: “Oh, he looks so GOOD!”

So thank you, little girl, for reminding me to question myself in certain areas. I looked at that dog and saw a very sad puppy; she looked at him and saw her beloved friend who she couldn’t be happier to have come home.



P.S. That’s a photo of our pup who spends a great deal of his time upside-down. I also like his perspective.

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  1. It’s moments like that, that purity of thought and understanding from those who don’t have the agenda’s that come with being an “adult” that can really snap you back into that proper place :)


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