Surge: It’s Back!

surge array

First: I never thought I’d be writing about a soda.

Second: OMG Surge is back!!!

Third: I am okay now.

surge 12 pack amazon image

Today started as many Mondays do, but when I sat down to write, I found out by accident that something I loved from the ’90s and ’00s had finally made a comeback: Surge. And I promptly went over to Amazon and bought a 12 pack that will be in my fridge by Wednesday.


I am not a soda drinker. I drink nearly a pitcher of iced tea each day. I don’t like overly sweet sodas, and on the rareish occasions I do drink soda, it is on my “free day” once each week. On free day, anything goes, including soda.


I loved Surge. I used to drink it all the time. It was full of delicious caffeine! It tasted citrusy! It was sweet without being too sweet! It was soda perfection. And after 13 years of a Surge-free diet, I can once again indulge responsibly.

surge movement image

It was only today I learned the impetus for its return: The Surge Movement. I had no idea some very determined folks were even trying to make this a reality. But I have to say: THANK YOU SURGE FRIENDS!

I actually learned many things today:

Surge is a variation on a Norwegian soda called Urge.

Before the Surge Movement Facebook group, there was the Save Surge community (created by web designer Eric Karkovach).

One 16oz. can of Surge will have 62 grams of carbs. Yo. That’s a lot of carbs.

And come free day, I will be drinking the crap out of it.

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  1. I remember this but I was a Barq’s Root Beer fan, but in your honor I will buy and try the first can or bottle of this I see.


    • i believe (at this time) it is exclusively available through amazon in a limited run. i’m assuming it will be a trial run to see what actual sales numbers are before a further commitment is made from coca cola.

      and i love root beer! i got a chance to try butterscotch root beer a while back and it was so delicious i can’t even tell you.


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