it’s not my business…


recently, i read the statement: ‘it’s not my business what anyone thinks of me,’ and it was a revelation.

this blog is an interesting exercise for me. it’s scary putting yourself out there, no matter how many or how few people see these posts. and i’ve often invested far too much of my brain power on things out of my control…like what other people think of me. fruitless!

for the past several months, i’ve been reminding myself of this statement, and, i’m going to be honest, it feels pretty great.

because it’s true! it’s really not my business what anyone thinks of me. WHEEE!!!

we are all works in progress, and i’m certainly no exception to that. there are days when i feel like more of a construction site than anything else. but i keep on keepin’ on because that’s what has to happen.

i’ve not always made the very best decisions in my life, but i have to rest in the knowledge that i’m doing my best now, in the present, and that’s what’s important. knowing this about myself is definitely my business. :)

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  1. I love this quote. I so often find myself worried about others think. Then in the next moment I find myself saying “who cares what any one else thinks!” I’m caught in the middle somewhere. I care because I always want to improve and make myself better, but what someone else thinks would make me better isn’t necessarily going to better me at all! I need to be more at home with my own skin mistakes and glories included.


    • i wish i knew who originally said it; i love it, too. i think we are often caught in this conundrum, no matter how much we wish we weren’t. i find the important part is that we strive to be better, but for ourselves. we can do it!


  2. I love that this is here. It needs to be, for everyone! Its refreshing to take a read and we all need to remind ourselves of this.


  3. “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” I try to remind myself of this whenever I feel as if I’ve gone off course. No such thing, really. I think it’s related to another saying (is it a Zen saying?), “wherever you go, there you are”. :-) Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!


    • thank you! and i agree. it can be hard to remember these things at the time of the “off-road” adventure. but those are some of the most colorful moments of our lives. at least for me.


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