the impetus to discuss style

red benetton dress

as with so many other folks out there, i have a couple of favorite pieces that have survived my many moves and travels across the world. the above dress is one of those pieces.

i bought that dress in nurnberg, germany back in the early 2000s at the united colors of benetton. i can’t say exactly why i love it in the way i do. sure, the length is perfect. i love the red floral print. the cap sleeves are flattering. it hangs well. but it’s more than the sum of its parts.

those shoes were also comfortable; a rarity for heels. i wore them until they literally fell apart, and when the shoe repair man told me they couldn’t be saved, it was an unfortunate turn. i’d worn them with everything, and for more years than any other pair of shoes i’d owned. it’s almost funny that i can’t even recall what brand they were.

it was this image, taken in the summer of 2006, that ignited my passion to create this style blog. i still have, and love, this dress.

i hope to bring some of my style to this corner of the internet in hopes that i can inspire someone, as i have been inspired by others.

welcome to this journey, my friends!

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    • thank you! it’s really something where inspiration can come from.

      i see it in art, in colors at the supermarket, just about everywhere. i like it. :)


  1. The length is perfect and the color is superb, but you are right! it IS more than a sum of all its parts. The simplicity lets you shine through the dress, yet the classic vibrancy creates a statement for you that no one could wear better. I love everything about this image and dress! I can’t wait to see more on this section, and even some makeup tips or ideas too!


    • thank you for your kind words. this section will become far more robust over the next couple of months, as there are many ideas i want to share. i love how clothes tell a story, and i have many i’d like to tell. stay tuned!


  2. Those shoes were fantastically beautiful, as is that dress. It’s clear why it’s your favorite. xoxo


  3. That is a really pretty dress. Great taste indeed.

    And just wanted to compliment you on the site as well. Definitely some good stuff on here!


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