Status Report: Week 19 (Tetris In Love)

I’ve barely played anything over the past week, so there’s not much to report, but I did have a terribly amusing (to me) dream on Sunday morning, and it marginally had to do with video games.

I had high hopes of playing something new over the weekend, but my dumb health has been thwarting me at every turn. I managed to play a bit of the Armory of General Knoxx DLC from the Borderlands remaster for a couple hours last night, but, other than that, it’s been digital crickets.

Okay, so I’ve been sleeping weird hours; I’ve been up all night most nights and sleeping in a bit in the morning but, either way, I’ve not been getting enough sleep. Not sure if that affected the content of my dream, but if it did, I’m looking forward to more David Lynchian antics.

In the dream, which was hilariously short, I was in a dark and decadent banquet hall surrounded by people I didn’t know. My partner was seated at the table behind me, his back to me. There were two men across from me, almost giddy in their demeanor. The rest of the people around me were women.

The waitstaff began to clear dishes from the last course and started bringing fancy glassware: a tiny glass dish, and a vintage champagne coupe. The lights dimmed further and everyone started to get audibly excited so I asked what was happening. One of the men across from me looked rapturous and said, “They are serving Tetris In Love!” I said, “I’m sorry, what’s Tetris In Love?” Everyone at the table had a reaction, most gasped and made some sort of exclamation. The same man said, “If you’ve never had Tetris In Love, you’re in for a treat!”

Something about the weird, unblinking way everyone was staring at me made me concerned something sinister was at work. It all felt very Lynch/Kubrick.

The waiter came back and was told I’d never had Tetris In Love before, so he served me first.

Oh! While all this was going on, the woman sitting to my right was creating dental floss art in her teeth to a VERY enthusiastic audience. She was weaving it in and out of her teeth so it looked like a laced up corset. She kept turning to me and smiling a big, toothy smile to show off her craft.


The waiter set the tiny dish in front of me and poured what looked like water into it. He did the same to the coupe. In the tiny dish, he laid down a white birthday candle which was entirely submerged. He put the dish in my cupped hands and lit a match. At this point I was sure the whole thing was going to explode and my face was going to melt or something, but he put the lit match into the “water” and all of a sudden, what looked like tiny, glowing multi-colored flowers started to float up about six inches from the dish and only inches from my face.


I gasped out loud and everyone around me was staring and the same man proclaimed, “Tetris In Love!”

What it looked like was a floral version of a Destiny 2 transmat effect (I will put a video below for reference). I was enthralled with it, but it only lasted about 20 seconds. In reality, my partner had just returned home from the dog park and I woke up, so who knows what else would have happened with the Tetris In Love or the floss art exhibition next to me.

It was like the lantern effects in the video, except they were glowing multi-colored flowers.


Tetris In Love.

What a weird and delightful dream.


This week I’m focused on playing a short, new to me game before Rage 2 comes out tomorrow! Yahooo!! I’m excited to play Rage 2, and I think I will finally play the polar opposite of it today: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. I know at least one person out there will be happy to hear that.

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this week? What’s the next release you’re excited for?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

Oh, shoot, I wonder if this means I should play Tetris Effect instead?

Maybe I can do both. <3

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  1. Hell yeah you can do both!

    I also want to check Everybody’s gone to the rapture some day. I hope I can read your thoughts on it later.

    Have a nice week!

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  2. Congrats on your Friday accomplishment of your new video game photo gallery! Your dream reminded me that I really want to buy Tetris Effect but I haven’t been able to plunk $40 on Tetris. My video game playing is limited right now but I play a bit of God of War whenever I can. I jumped into The Division 2 yesterday but when I “Answer[ed] the Call” for a fellow Agent my connection went wonky again and enemies weren’t appearing for me then would all load resulting in me smack in the middle of firefights.

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