Status Report: Week 15 (OUCH)

Sorry this one’s a bit late going up; last night I felt weird so I went to bed early, and this morning I woke up feeling SUUUPER in pain so, yahoo.

This week, it’s finally happening! Dreams is FINALLY releasing into early access!! You can bet I will be there from the moment I can download it. I’m honestly surprised it’s not available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store, especially when it keeps saying “limited number of spaces available.”

So! Provided I can get in to the early access of Dreams, I will absolutely be doing that!

If not, I will continue on in my playthrough of the first Borderlands remake with my partner. Last week the game took a massive dump when it randomly ate all 60+ of my golden keys for the golden loot chests. The more I looked online, the more I found it had been happening since the day the game released and, as far as I could tell, not a single person had had their ticket responded to by Gearbox in a way that restored any of their keys.


I thought about submitting a ticket but then thought: why bother?

It does make me wonder why they added the golden keys/chest to this remake if they weren’t going to support the aftermath of it pulling a massive boner on the die hard fans.

Hopefully they fix it. I was saving the bulk of those keys for when I reached level cap. Now they are lost to the digital wind.


I’m also hoping (for real this time) to dive back in to The Division 2 to see if I feel any different about the endgame. I’m ALSO hoping to finally, FINALLY start Tales From the Borderlands.

And you know what? Even if I don’t get to all these things this week, I’m still just so happy I’m finally playing games again that I can’t even be disappointed.



I’m still working on my organization project which is taking a crap ton of time (don’t they always), but the more things get organized, the better I feel, so I’m down to keep streamlining. I have two more shelves to put together and a ton of bins to go through. I’m also hoping to get to the bias lighting behind the television as I’m a huge sucker for atmospheric lighting in any form.

And then, finally, painting and photography are on deck! I’ve the giant canvases I’ve wanted and it’s time to start painting! I’ve been creating a lot of photographic content for my aesthetics page on Facebook (you can find it here if you’re interested), and I’ve started posting some of it. I’m big into the beauty of the tiniest things around us. I created the aesthetics page for myself about a year ago because I wanted a place I could curate things I loved to look at and to share it with people who might also love them. I’m glad to be adding original content, though. I’m a bit out of practice (I was a professional photographer many years ago), but I always know what I like looking at, so, I’m fortunate there.

Sorry for the ramble! I think it’s my pain meds kicking in. BLORFFFFFFFFF. And another F to pay respects to coherent thought.

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this week?

Please be safe out there, friends. Springtime cheers.

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  1. I’ll be playing some Dangerous Driving this week with maybe some old school Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver thrown in for good measure.

    Glad to hear you are putting the rut behind you a bit.

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  2. Borderlands Remaster DLC with my favorite gaming-and-otherwise partner, Where the Bees Make Honey, and something to be named later…which is not the name of my first go at Dreams creation.

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  3. My gaming time is severely squeezed this week but I sink time in The Division 2 and God of War when I can. I greatly sympathize with your lost golden keys. My gaming time is so limited that game bugs wherein I lose progress makes me livid, it makes me feel so unvalued by the developer. I tried to play The Division 2 on Sunday evening but no one could leave the safe houses and when I fast traveled to a non-safe house location the game disconnected. I turned it off rather than spending my time waiting and hoping. Anyhow, have fun with your varied activities!

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