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This morning I woke up feeling physically miserable and largely snarky. The irony of yesterday’s piece being (in part) about connecting with people through writing, and it having some of the lowest interaction of anything I’ve written, isn’t lost on me.

So, if that all holds true and people aren’t seeing these, it doesn’t really matter WHAT I write, does it?

So, let’s see…

The word FART is endlessly funny. Real farts can also be funny, but will never be as funny as the word itself.

I’m not a huge fan of ice cream.

I used to really like playing with Tinker Toys. A friend in grade school had the giant set of them (giant as in size of them, not quantity) and we used to build things that we could sit under.

I am borderline obsessed with stickers.

I’m so glad the holidays are over!

I’m changing my birthday this year because I hate my birthday. F*CK NOVEMBER! It’s all about October now, baybeee.

My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite Ghibli movie.

I love organization but I’m so far from organized at the moment and way outside of my comfort zone.

My real life dentist (who is awesome) has happily brushed my dog’s teeth. Then he gave him a rainbow toy.

Swiffer dusters make dusting my bookshelves so much easier.

I’m about to read my first romance novel because someone I know wrote it. I don’t even like romance, but I like my friend. Support!

I never light candles because I’m always afraid I will fall asleep.

Games are rad and I don’t play enough of them.

I wish Animal Crossing for Switch would just come out already. I’m hoping for a spring release but that’s incredibly farfetched.

I love horror movies so much. Even super crappy ones. I’ve been doing a Child’s Play marathon and they are so campy and awful. It’s great.

I have a pair of rubber rain boots that look like frogs. I love them.

Memphis design makes me feel dreamy.

I miss painting.

I miss enjoying writing.

I miss feeling like I’d get anywhere.

I miss playing games! I love games so much and I’ve barely played a thing this year. That challenge  of completing 100 games is getting more and more farfetched. I’m still going to go for it, but I have a feeling I will fall far short.


I hope to be back to my more predictably (and directly) gaming related pieces next week.


This weekend I am once again hoping to force myself to finish Everything (even though I never want it to end) and to start something new. I feel like I need to do everything in my power to snap out of this rut. It suuuuuuuuucks and I want to do what I can to play something new. I almost want to pick a game at random and just go for it. What have I got to lose?

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this weekend? What’s the next big release you’re excited about?

I know there are many storm and flood warnings out there. Please be safe, friends.

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  1. I love Ice Cream, and I love reading your posts! I’m sorry you’re not feeling too secure about your writing, but I read every single thing!

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  2. I enjoyed the fart commentary a lot here. I like gelato a lot more than ice cream so maybe I don’t like ice cream that much either? Hmmm.

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  3. I like Ice Cream & November.
    Armistice Day! Remembering those who went before you.
    Keep up the good work, & the gaming.

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    • More ice cream and November for you. I’m tired of November for me. It’s a fart month for me.

      I need to play games. I hope you’ve been able to play games, too.


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