If You Had No Other Responsibilities, What Would You Play?

Today is one of those days that is already overwhelmingly busy. It got me thinking: if I had no responsibilities, no tasks to check, what would I be playing?

My first thoughts were of the original Borderlands, the first two inFamous games, Okami, and endless rounds of Dr. Mario.

So this got me thinking: if you didn’t have to work, didn’t have any household responsibilities, what would you play? Any game/s, past or present, whether you own them or not; what would you play?

Please do share; I love knowing what games people are drawn to in any number of situations.

It’s a short one today, folks. Please be safe out there. Cheers.

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  1. I’m in the middle of a Mass Effect 3 playthrough so I would definitely work on that. There are so many quests in 3 compared to 2 and especially 1. Just walking through the Citadel you pick up 19 quests just from eavesdropping!

    In the past month I’ve played through the first 2 games back to back, so it’s really cool to see how the games change along the way, playing them all so close together. Despite all of the internet backlash, in quite looking forward to Andromeda as well!

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    • I think it’s awesome that you are playing them back to back to back. I love that the games are almost presented in a new way in that format.

      I hope you enjoy Andromeda! I know it wasn’t well-received, but I’ve heard plenty of people who liked it well enough, and hopefully it has had some major fixes since launch. Either way, I do hope you enjoy your time with it!


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