Bungie Divests From Activision; What Does It Mean?

To be fair, I don’t have an answer to that question, rather I have a lot of questions, myself.

Yesterday, Bungie released a statement on their website announcing they were leaving their partnership with Activision, and would be obtaining the publishing rights to Destiny.

It came as quite the surprise, at least to me.

Immediately I had questions.

In the statement, Bungie vaguely referenced the future of Destiny, but there were no specifics (which isn’t surprising given it must be insane to take over publishing and divest themselves from Activision). So it got me wondering: how will this change the landscape of Destiny?

The first, and most obvious, question is how this affects monetization. Will this result in less focus on microtransactions? Or will we see them pushed even more? I could see either scenario, honestly. If Bungie needs to make up cash flow, I could see them pushing microtransactions even harder. If Activision was the force behind the microtransactions, perhaps they will lessen. Either way, I’m interested to see where this aspect of the game goes.

Will story content be returning to Destiny? It seems Destiny has gone the way of seasonal “events,” but what I’m most interested in are story content expansions. Was Activision holding Bungie back from creating and releasing such expansions? I’ve made no secret of my distaste for the current annual pass (if I’d known how lackluster it was, I’d never have bought it). It has me thinking of things like The Dark Below or The Taken King (my two favorite expansions from the Destiny universe); I know people enjoyed Forsaken, but I felt it was a far cry from what I loved most about Destiny 1. My hope is that we see a glorious return to story expansions.

Which elements of the game were guided by Activision? Which elements will Bungie choose to fortify and which to let go? How will this change the game, itself?

I have so many questions, and I’m entirely keen on whatever Bungie has to say going forward. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

What do you think this means for Destiny’s (and Bungie’s) future?


This weekend can’t come soon enough! I put off completing Everything (again; I really don’t want it to end), but I’d love to finally do that, and to jump in to another game as well. I’m feeling the pull of something single player, but I’m unsure what. I am hoping to start my Child’s Play marathon after a recent acquisition of the full series on Blu-ray. I’m a huge sucker for carnivals or theme parks in horror movies, and I’ve read that the third movie in the series features one. I’m in!

With that I ask: what will you be playing this weekend? What’s the next big release you’re excited for?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. What does this mean? It means I’m grabbing popcorn and watching the fallout. I’m legitimately curious about where Bungie goes from here and kind of want to get into Destiny 2 just so I can see the effects from an insider’s perspective.

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    • It might be difficult to tell if you jump in right now, honestly. So many changes have happened since the launch of D1, it’s been a weird roller coaster. That being said, if you want to play it, I hope you enjoy your time with it!

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  2. Actually, I’m not worried about the story content at all. With each of the seasons, there have been new lore books added and additional activities that expand upon established lore. But as for distribution, they seem to be doing pretty well with digital sales, so I am curious as well to see how this will affect MTX to make up for lost support.

    The one part I am worried about is development resources since they used other Activision studios, such as Vicarious Visions, to produce content. Now that Bungie is no longer part of Activision, will they still have access to VV? Or will they simply have to contract out at a higher cost?

    We shall wait and see!

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  3. 2019 has kicked off with shocking game news! Like others, I’m bursting with curiosity to see what game design and business model decisions were Bungie’s. Given the other Destiny news of late, i.e. the missing clue for the unsolvable Forge puzzle, I haven’t regretted walking away from Destiny 2. It’s time and money required to stay current are simply too much for me. I’m not interested in continuously paying for the grind. So many Destiny actions make me feel that my time as a player isn’t worthwhile. How does a game key to other content release incomplete? Given the government shutdown, I’ve stuck with my go-to stress game, Overwatch. I’ve enjoyed dabbling with Mei and Orisa. Maybe before the weekend, I’ll log in some single player time in Persona 5 or God of War.

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    • You’re not kidding! Between that, the Randy Pitchford debacle, and now EA’s cancellation of the open world Star Wars game, yikes. And it’s only two weeks into the new year!

      I am VERY interested to see how this shakes out with Bungie having full reign over Destiny.

      And I’m right there with you. Paying for the grind sounds, and is, awful. Some folks out there may enjoy that, but I do not.

      Oh crap, are you directly affected by the shutdown?

      I’m glad you’ve had time for some Overwatch and I hope you enjoy whatever you play, be it Persona or God of War.


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