Status Report: Week 52+ (What A Way To Ring Out The Year)

As I write this, it’s around 6am; I haven’t slept yet. My stomach is very angry with me. To be fair, most of my body is angry with me. I can hear my stomach complaining about either what I ate (I’m still not sure what caused this), what I should be eating (I haven’t felt like eating anything), or if its just complaining (loudly) to complain.

I haven’t had any alcohol. I haven’t eaten anything weird. My system is just super upset at me. I’ve also been dealing with a cold (or something resembling a cold), so I think my immune system is just borked right now.

Because of all this (and because of being curled in a ball pretty regularly), I barely played games over the weekend. I became a possum and slept during the day, stayed awake all night, and slept in weird positions. I also slept with a hoodie on because it’s so darn cold here (at least, cold for the area).

I know. BO-RING.

I did manage to play some Shape of the World! Hooray for breaking out of the rut, even if it was a little break! The game is entrancing and the color palettes are f*cking dreamy. I am a HUGE sucker for beautiful color schemes, and Shape of the World has them in spades. It’s just gorgeous and whimsical and exactly what I needed right now. Brace yourselves for a screenshot post as soon as I finish it! Every screenshot is like a beautiful work of art. Seriously.

I also played a bit of Destiny 2 yesterday and I have to say, the more I play of the Black Armory “expansion,” the less into Destiny I feel. I finally unlocked my third forge and I had to do it by immersing myself in tedious busywork.

I do not like busywork.

I also feel I shouldn’t have to do hours of said busywork just to unlock the new “content,” especially when that new content is basically a horde mode.

I’m falling out of love with Destiny. Hard. If I’d known the annual pass would be like this, I would never have bought into it. In fact, a friend was talking about potentially getting the annual pass and I encouraged him not to for exactly those reasons.

The moment to moment gameplay is still the smoothest and tightest around, but the game itself is irritating me more and more. I’m sure I’ve become zero fun to play with as I voice these opinions anytime something stupid happens (e.g.: more dumb multi-step bounties/busywork). I have a feeling I will be playing it far less in the coming year.

Speaking of, it’s hard to believe 2018 is coming to a close. I almost never celebrate the flip of the calendar, and this year is no different. I will be, very likely, curled up on the couch trying not to hurl and eating ramen or crackers and cheese to see if my stomach can handle it. I don’t know if any of you go out to celebrate, but if you do, please be safe and call a Lyft/cab if your sobriety is in question. Far better safe than sorry.

Today I will finish up Shape of the World, probably play some more Destiny 2 (I just want the new poison bow), and prepare my list of games to tackle in January. As I mentioned before, my self-imposed challenge for 2019 is to play 100 games to completion. I still think it’s a long shot, but I’m excited to push myself and try.

So, this week is very open, game-wise! I like that. I like that there are hundreds of new-to-me game experiences out there just waiting to be had. It’s time to feed my brain with some fresh content. I hope that translates to bringing you better content in 2019. Thank you, each of you, for being here and for continuing to support my words with your time. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

What will you be doing to celebrate the new year? Will you go to a party/event? Will you stay home and game? If so, what will you be playing?

Whatever you do, please be safe out there. There’s only one of you and your safety is paramount.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. Thank you for another year full of content! Here’s for another year of some wholesome and cool stuff!

    New Year eve’s I usually just chill and listen to music. I never liked familty parties, specially when I was a kid, so I like being “free” from them now to be honest, lol. Being a non-drinker between people drinking is also not fun! For me, at least. EVERYBODY STARTS TALKING SUPER LOUDLY! Well, I’m also a boring person.

    Happy New Year for you, Todd and Cloud! Hopefully 2019 will be goddamn AWESOME!

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    • Aw, thank you, Sergio!

      Those are excellent new year plans! And I don’t for a moment believe or think you are a boring person.

      I wish the same for you, you absolutely deserve it! <3


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