Status Report: Week 38 (No Raids For Me)

Last Friday at 10am PST, Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new raid, Last Wish, went live. In the days since, it’s become widely known for being potentially the most complicated Destiny raid to date. Each time a new Destiny raid releases, there is a race to be the “world’s first” to complete it. Prior to Last Wish, Vault of Glass had taken the longest (initially) to beat at around 14 hours. Of course, that was when Destiny was new and there were no previous raids to compare it to. All the mechanics were new, all the encounters were new; everything had to be figured out.

At this stage, people have a general idea of how raids work, even if they aren’t familiar with the exact mechanics of each encounter.

That being said, the Last Wish raid took nearly 19 hours for the world’s first completion.

If you aren’t familiar with Destiny, let me tell you: that’s f’ing bonkers.

Even more bonkers: only three teams completed the raid in the first 24 hours.

A team I’ve been fortunate enough to raid with had wanted to tackle Last Wish this weekend, and I was completely on board. But, as the hours clicked by on Friday, I was reading articles about how brutal this raid was and that no one had completed it (at that point). I heard the recommended level was 550, and I was barely 520. Apparently, at some point over the past week, some players had found an exploit and power leveled to 600. I, and no one I know, took advantage of that, so we were all well under the recommended level.

Super darn.

Then, I missed out on doing a Leviathan run due to a seeming cold I’m coming down with (I took a six hour nap on Sunday afternoon), and I was bummed out about that, too.

Basically, all I did was general stuff in Destiny 2 all weekend. I didn’t start Spider-Man. I didn’t start Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Sad trombone.

Side note: I at least got the sad trombone exotic emote in Destiny 2 over the weekend, so…appropriate.

This week I’m going to power up my gaming schedule. I will be playing one of the two aforementioned single player games during the day, and Forsaken in the evening. If I get behind on releases now, I’m going to be full on screwed when October rolls around. With Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2 next month, I think it’s going to be a huge month for huge games. I want to be ready.

I’ve also been getting another challenge together for October, and I’m excited about this one! Spooky times ahead. Here’s hoping I can keep it together amidst all those new releases.

Also this week: my six month teeth cleaning. Dental hygiene is no joke; please take care of your teeth. I love my electronic toothbrush, and flossing is always refreshing. Clean and healthy teeth are happy teeth.

There’s my PSA for today.

With that I ask: what do you hope to play this week? How was your weekend, gaming-wise?

Please be safe out there. Cheers, friends.

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  1. Plan to download Spidey this week. Just getting the standard edition from the PS Store. Holding off on TR, Tomb Raider until Black Friday; also, might pick up Just Cause 4, pending upcoming reviews.

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