I Just Spent The Last Hour Refreshing Four Tabs Relentlessly For Something I Don’t Actually Need

I’ve never been one for technology iterations; I’ve never been driven to get an Xbox One X (especially since my Xbox One gets so little attention), and I’ve never been driven to get a PS4 Pro…until very recently.

Over the past couple months, I’ve noticed my PS4 has often been running louder and louder, and games seem to take longer and longer to load. I did an unofficial test against my partner’s system when we both booted up Destiny at the same time, and his loads markedly faster.

I played Captain Spirit today and, for whatever reason, it sounded like my PS4 was going to achieve supernova. That intense fan action persisted throughout the entire game. Why a demo caused that, I’ve no idea, but it did concern me. In fact, it was hard to concentrate on the game when I was worried my system was going to say OH FOR F*CK’S SAKE, and take a painful nap.

Combine this with the recent announcement of the special edition PS4 above, and I find myself in a dilemma.

The last thing I need to do is buy a new PS4. But I’m also worried I might need to replace my PS4 in the near future.

The system above is in celebration of Sony’s lifetime achievement of selling 500 million PlayStation systems over the years. That’s all well and good, but I’m also a sucker for translucent electronics (I blame growing up in the ’80s), and that beauty is translucent blue.


What REALLY sells me on the system is that it’s already 2TB and would require no effort from me to buy a separate hard drive and install it myself as I did with my current system.


As I write this, it’s 9:50pm PST on 08.23. According to all the information I’ve been able to scrounge up, the system officially goes on sale in ten minutes.

I keep refreshing.

I keep refreshing for a system I don’t need, but might need sooner than later.

I know I could always trade my old system toward some of the fall games coming up, but I’m still feeling wary.

(As I’m writing this, I am continuing to check all the tabs I have open, as well as GameStop’s listing for the system on my phone.)

(This is ridiculous.)

It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, and that’s probably for the best. “Worse” case scenario, I could trade my system toward a standard PS4 Pro and just pare down to accommodate the 1TB hard drive. But even thinking about that, I want the 2TB Pro all the more.

(Now it’s listed as available to add to cart on Best Buy, but it keeps showing it can’t be added even though it is available and not sold out. WEIRD.)

(Now it says SOLD OUT on Best Buy even though I’ve been jamming on the refresh button.)


Well, it’s officially 10:25 and it shows as sold out from every retailer I was madly refreshing: GameStop, Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

I know I didn’t NEED it, but I sure did want it, and I feel like I’m going to have to upgrade at some point.

I can already see them being listed on the grey market for over $1000. Good god.

So there you have it: a real time account of my fruitless pursuit of a PS4 Pro I could see through.



I assume I will just get a standard PS4 Pro at some point and upgrade the drive as I did before. I mean, if I did it once, I can do it again.

To the weekend!

This weekend I’m hoping to get to Asemblance: Oversight, A Way Out, Guacamelee 2, and hopefully I will FINALLY finish leveling my GD Solstice armor in Destiny 2. That’s a full dance card for me.

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this weekend?

Please be safe out there.

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  1. That feeling of “I wish I’d bought that” will almost certainly pass. At the end of the day, it’s just a pretty PS4, and as you say, you can probably save some money with a vanilla PS4 Pro and a hard drive upgrade. Money that can then be spent on more games, which are, after all, the important things!

    I’m continuing on my journey through the Sonic the Hedgehog series this weekend, as well as recording a podcast.

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    • Well…yes and no. I will still likely need to replace my PS4 sooner than later, and that system was a relatively decent prospect based on the hard drive size alone. So that’s the part that has me bummed out a little. But you’re right: I can always get a Pro and upgrade. And yes! The games ARE what matter!

      I hope you enjoy your time with Sonic! And I hope the podcast is fun!

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  2. I feel you on the I want this new piece of tech even though I don’t really need it. I do that often and I know it is going to be coming up again this fall with new phones.

    What are your thoughts on Guacamele? I have the first one but have never played it.

    This weekend I hope to dive in to Shenmue a bit and continue my Castlevania series playthrough with Circle of the Moon on the GBA. And maybe, if it shows up on Sunday, start Dead Cells on the Switch.

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    • Oh man, the iteration of phones is such an expensive thing, I feel for you. I am so weird about phones. I never want to replace them and drag my feet like a weirdo. I used an outdated Windows phone for WAYYY too long (even Microsoft wasn’t updating it anymore and neither were the handful of apps it supported) because I didn’t want to spend the money on a new one. Though, to be fair, I was glad to get a decent phone after that, as I can make videos of Cloud, our pup. :) That’s still my favorite thing about my phone.

      Sorry. Tangent.

      I’ve only played the first Guacamelee and I loved it! The art direction and music is fantastic, and the gameplay is solid. It ramped up pretty significantly (if I recall correctly) towards the end and I remember something about a certain mechanic causing me a bit of an issue for a while. But I’d absolutely recommend it!

      Aw, yeah! Shenmue! I hope you have a great time, and I hope you enjoy the other games on your roster. I’m interested in Dead Cells, myself!

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    • Well, this gets tricky. I believe the standard pro is $400 but I’d still need to get a compatible 2TB drive to upgrade it. That’s why the one I was looking at was such a good deal; I wouldn’t need to buy a separate drive, plus it looked neat. Oh well. I really didn’t need to spend the money anyway. I’m just concerned about the integrity of my current PS4. I just need to start putting money aside to replace it.


      • I bought an external hard drive that connected via USB port. The one terabyte hard drive is the size of a flattened pack of cigarettes. Took two seconds to connect to the PS4. No surgery needed. When that one fills up repeat the process.
        I’ll see what I can find.

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        • Interesting! Something about an external drive freaks me out, but I’m considering that for when I have to replace the system. It will be so much more cost effective…even if it does freak me out.


  3. Howdy! Whew what a week! Ah I don’t blame you one bit for trying to nab that special edition PS4 Pro. It’s absolutely beautiful. I’m a sucker for special editions. Admittedly, I would’ve loved to have gotten the PS4 Spider-Man edition. I can’t usually afford new consoles but I love getting controllers. My favorite color is orange and the recently announced “Sunset Orange” PS4 controller has me counting my dollars.

    Enjoy gaming this weekend! A Way Out has some clever co-op puzzles that while simple in gameplay are fun to coordinate with another person. I had a gaming Saturday last weekend and I finished The Order: 1886. While it had its neat moments, it also had a near rage quitting chapter (i.e. it’s one-hit death stealth chapter with few checkpoints) and its overall story felt like it hardly got started before the game ended. Anyhow, this weekend I’m back to Observer for that creepy vibe while the thunderstorms hit.

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    • Oh gosh, I’m that way about controllers, too. I love those two new ones that are available for pre-order. I love the orange and the turquoise/berry one. I will try to hold out!

      I wish we’d been able to get to A Way Out and you have my interest piqued there.

      Oh gosh, I know the exact chapter you are talking about in The Order. I wasn’t terribly keen on that level, either.

      How is Observer treating you?


  4. I have intentions of playing some side missions in Mafia 3; I too, might need to replace my gaming system. While playing GoW; it would rev up & get louder than usual. I might look into a new system as a Christmas gift during Black Friday this year.

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