So Sleepy…

As I write this, it’s Tuesday night (I almost universally write for the following day, the day prior). I’ve been up since 3am today traveling. As I sat here in a sleepy stupor, I realized I had no idea what to write about for Wednesday; this is not a unique quandary.

I thought about writing ridiculous poetry (something I have a fondness for), but decided against it (you’re welcome). I thought about writing about how sleepy I am (spoiler: I’m doing it right now), but realized that’s probably boring to read about.

Then I thought about Kirby.

He’s so adorable.

I decided to look for sleepy pictures of Kirby and came across the art above by Quality Calculus.

Then I went down the Kirby rabbit hole.

So, instead of writing about something useful or entertaining, I’m just going to share some of the adorable Kirby images I found and hope you won’t mind that this piece isn’t about anything other than my appreciation for the sweetness that is Kirby.


I dig this.


Kirby face.


He’s even cuter in clay; HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!


Kirby desires the apple.


Kirby rejoices in the acquisition of said apple.




Kirby as a submarine is the cutest. Seriously. I imagine he makes fun little puttering sounds.


It says this yarn Kirby is a weight, but it kind of looks like that thing prospectors would push to blow up TNT. I also kind of think it looks like Kirby is farting profusely.


Is parachute Kirby the best parachute? I can’t say, but yes.


I think the Kirby submarine is my favorite, whether presented in clay or yarn.


So there you have it. An appreciation for the loveliness that is Kirby in all forms.

Please write to me about games. I had a rotten day today and would love to hear your thoughts on anything gaming related.

Cheers, friends. Please be kind to each other.

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  1. Sometimes I play games by the side of the road. I sit on…

    …the Kirby 😎

    Heh heh there’s a terrible gamey joke for you 😁 Hope you find yourself in a rested happy place soon!

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