Status Report: Week 31 (I LIIIIIIIIIVE)

I think I am finally, FINALLY getting better after contracting god awful food poisoning last week. My sleep may be completely backwards at the moment, but that’s okay! Right now I feel like pretty much everything is okay; I no longer have food fleeing my body en masse.

The other (less messy) downside of the past week was that I played almost nothing. I didn’t even feel well enough to play much Animal Crossing, if that says anything about how much screens were bothering me. It was disappointing, too, because there was a fishing tournament and I, for the first time during such an event, didn’t get nearly all the limited-time items. I have to give that a big fat oh well.

I played some Destiny 2, but it was incredibly hard to concentrate on the screen, and I wound up having to let my team carry me at certain points. That’s not something I enjoy doing, but it was better than not playing at all…in theory.

And speaking of not playing at all, that brings me to my failed challenge.

I shed a digital tear for how badly I failed my July challenge to play six new-to-me games before the end of the month. In small part, that’s due to my eating a gnarly burrito and it knocking me on my ass for the better part of a week, but it was also due (in large part) to my lack of tangible motivation to play new games. I’m good at amassing games, but truly terrible at taking the plunge and playing them. I frustrate myself. I mean, it seems so easy: just play all those games I have that I’m excited about. Why don’t I start them?

That’s rhetorical. I don’t start them because I’m a great big weirdo.

So, I’ve decided to roll my challenge into August…with a caveat: if I don’t complete 10 new-to-me games by the end of August, I won’t allow myself to get any new games until 2019.

I’m trying to scare myself into action.

I came to this “solution” while I was pre-ordering the Red Dead Redemption 2 collector’s guide a couple days ago. I’m really looking forward to playing RDR2, and I thought: what if I couldn’t play it? Then I thought: maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to play it due to how much time I’ve squandered not playing anything else; I’m hoping this will light a fire under my gaming endeavors.

Please wish me luck because I clearly need it to snap out of the lameness I’ve been in.

This challenge is also going to be interesting as my partner and I will be on holiday for a week during the month of August. Looks like the Switch is finally going to get some use! I’m going to take Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and perhaps Super Mario Odyssey. Shoot, maybe I will even take my 3DS so I can finally play Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Who knows?

So, from this moment until the end of August, I have to complete 10 new-to-me games or NO MORE NEW GAMES FOR ME UNTIL 2019.


I really hope I can do this.

This week I want to make strides to put at least a couple smaller games under my belt. I’m allowing myself the two days left in July to jump start this challenge, and I will count it towards the required 10 if I complete a game today or tomorrow.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week? What’s on your radar in general?

Here I go! Cheers, friends!

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  1. Hey Rebekah! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Just looking forward to Spiderman, Tomb Raider(with skepticism), Battlefield V, etc.

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    • I honestly think Tomb Raider is going to be better than people are expecting. I REALLY liked the latest installment of Thief and, from what I understand, the same team is making Shadow. I’m excited!


      • Going to withhold my commentary until the reviews have come in for Shadow; excited for Spiderman though. That should hold me through Thanksgiving.

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  2. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. I wish you luck with your extended challenge. I’m sure you can do it! If you’re looking for a possible suggestion I finished The Mummy Demastered in about 10 hours. It could be even less if you don’t focus on full completion like I did.

    I didn’t make any progress on Yakuza 6 over the weekend so I’ll probably focus on that this week. My immediate anticipated game is Shenmue 1&2 remastered though I’m sure I’ll pick up a few more games as the end of year madness ensues. Have fun with what you decide to play!

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    • Thank youuu!! And super thank you!! I really need to knuckle down and make it happen. I’ve been too weird and unproductive for too long and I’m ready to improve. Wow! I didn’t know it was even that long!

      Oh man, the Shenmue remaster is almost here! And I hope if you do get back to Yakuza this week that you enjoy what you play. Those games look awesome.


  3. Congratulations, to being on the mend. When does RDR2 release? I put a deposit at game stop 2 Christmas’s ago.
    Holiday away! Enjoy your trip.

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  4. First of all, I’m glad to hear you’re better! Second, HELL YEAH YOU CAN DO THIS!

    My plans this week include beating Crossing Souls and starting a new game…maybe Dead Space 3 or Red Faction Guerilla.

    Have an awesome week full of video games and good health!

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    • Thank you, me too!! And THANK YOU I REALLY HOPE SO!!

      Oh man, please tell me what you think of Crossing Souls. I started it and somehow never got back to it.

      Thank you! I wish the very same to you!


  5. Aw jeez, the pressure is on now. I wish you all of the luck that is good on your challenge.

    As for what I’m playing, I’ve started on two new games. The first is HarmoKnight, a rhythm game made by the Pokemon team, and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.

    Let’s hope for no more pesky food poisoning.

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    • You’re not kidding! I feel it! And thank you. :) I could use all the luck I can get.

      I’ve never heard of that! You are always playing such interesting games!

      Oh gosh, I hope that, too. It was BAD NEWS.


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