Recap: Bethesda’s E3 2018 Press Conference

Bethesda rounded out day two of the press conferences with their presentation tonight. Here are the highlights.

Pete Hines took the stage to open the show and introduce Andrew W.K. who delivered a spirited performance.

Tim Willits and Magnus Nedfors took the stage to introduce an extended trailer for Rage 2. The game releases in spring of 2019.

Christian Van Hoose took the stage to talk about Elder Scrolls: Legends. The game will release later this year on consoles.

Matt Firor took the stage to discuss Elder Scrolls Online. The next DLC is called Wolf Hunter and the DLC following that is called Murkmire.

A trailer for Doom: Eternal was shown. Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin took the stage to further discuss the game.

Joshua Boyle took the stage to discuss Quake: Champions and introduce a trailer for the game.

Susan Kath and Ricardo Bare appeared via video to discuss several new additions coming to Prey: story mode, new game plus, and survival mode. The update is free and hits tonight. The DLC is now available and called Mooncrash.

They also appeared onstage to discuss the game further. A new mode called Typhon Hunter is coming later this summer which appears to be an asymmetrical multiplayer experience.

Jerk Gustafsson and Jens Matthies took to the stage to announce Wolfenstein 2 will be coming to Switch later this month. They also announced a new game: Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The game will be a co-op experience and will release in 2019.

Pete Hines returned to the stage to discuss two upcoming VR experiences: Typhon Hunter for Prey, and a new Wolfenstein game: Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot.

Todd Howard took the stage to talk about Fallout 76. It will be a prequel to all the other games, is four times the size of Fallout 4, and takes place in West Virginia. Fallout 76 is entirely online and each person you encounter is a real person. The game can be played solo or in multiplayer.

A series of Vault-Tec videos further explained aspects of the game. There will be multiple nuclear missile sites on the map to be done with as players wish.

The game will have dedicated servers.

There will be a beta for Fallout 76, and a Power Armor collector’s edition was announced. Fallout 76 will release 11.14.18.

Fallout Shelter will be coming to PS4 and Switch tonight. The game will be free.

Todd Howard also announced The Elder Scrolls: Blades, an Elder Scrolls title for mobile. Blades is coming this fall for free. The game is available to pre-order now.

(How do you pre-order a free game?)

Todd Howard also announced a brand new IP coming to next gen hardware: Starfield.

He also announced the game coming after that: The Elder Scrolls VI.

Pete Hines returned to the stage to close the show.


What was your favorite part of Bethesda’s press conference?

See you back here tomorrow beginning at 10:00am PST for Square Enix’s presser.

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  1. For me, the following got my attention: Elder Scrolls to close the show; when they showed Starfield. Other than that, nothing else really piqued my interest, imho!

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    • I’m glad for the people who wanted to see those announcements, but I feel like it was at odds with how they have done their conferences lately. They have had a pattern of showing games that are coming out within the next year. So seeing two brief announcements that will likely not come out for many years feels strange. Still, I’m glad they did that; they made a lot of people very happy!


  2. I thought their conference was pretty good and I’m glad to see that all their big name franchises saw something throughout the conference. I’m not really sold on Rage 2, but all their other upcoming games look interesting. It was nice to get more info about Fallout 76 and that’s probably my most anticipated release from them right now and it’s awesome that we won’t have long to wait.

    It was also nice to see Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI at least get acknowledgement even if they’re probably years away. Thanks Rebekah! Looking forward to the next conference!

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    • I really do like that Bethesda keeps things close to the chest then releases them within a handful of months. I’m also glad people got the confirmation of Starfield and the next Elder Scrolls. But you’re right; I’m guessing we don’t see Starfield until next gen.


  3. That was a great conference! I guess Fallout 76 is more ambitious than I gave it credit for, the fact that it’s going to have a multiplayer focus has me worried a bit though. The fact that such a huge game is going to release this year is incredible! The tease for the new Elder Scrolls looks good, we’ll likely get more information next year.

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    • I’m very curious to see more on Fallout 76. Right now I fear it will be like a massive Dark Zone from The Division. If that’s the case, I have zero interest to play it.


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