Impressions: Destiny 2’s Forsaken Trailer

Yesterday, Bungie revealed the trailer for Destiny 2’s fall expansion: Forsaken.

While it looks promising, and I’m cautiously optimistic, I still have a few concerns.

The Tangled Shore is a new area of the Reef we’ve never been to before, and I loved the aesthetic. The barren and desolate asteroids tethered together make it look almost transient as though it changes to whatever the inhabitants need it to be.

They said Cayde has been filling a prison with the worst of the worst; how could he do this when he is literally always in the hangar in the tower? As a Guardian, you are checking in with him constantly; would he not have mentioned this at some point? Perhaps there were hints to it buried in text, but I don’t have a recollection of that. Also, a prison? Like the Prison of Elders? Will this idea turn out to be fresh, or a morphed version of something we’ve seen before?

The Scorn, presumably the new enemy type, seemed an awful lot like the Fallen. Perhaps it was just the brief looks and the silhouettes, but I got many similar vibes from the character design. Again, this could just be the limited amount shown.

For the record, I’d be glad to see an entirely new enemy type. We’ve had the same lot for quite some time.

The new weapon system sounds intriguing and potentially concerning. In the trailer they mention you could run with three shotguns. How will this play out in the Crucible? Will we see the days of the run/slide/shotgun come back with a vengeance? Will this also mean someone can run three snipers? I remember back in the old days of Destiny 1 when snipers and shotguns made certain maps of the Crucible beyond frustrating. How will this play? Will weapon types be restricted for PvP and not for PvE? And, if all weapon types can be equipped in all weapon slots, what does that mean for heavy weapons? Will I be able to equip a sword for my primary? Would I want to?

Nothing was said about reverting to the old manner of leveling up a weapon. In the first game you could infuse a primary into a primary, still at one to one. In Destiny 2, it must be the exact weapon type (e.g.: auto rifles into auto rifles). Will this be adjusted? It seems to add unnecessary time to the leveling process. And, for that matter, will we finally be able to use armor across our characters to level up the others? Destiny 2 also made the change where you could only infuse, say, Hunter gear into other Hunter gear. If you want to level your Warlock or Titan, you have to find Warlock or Titan gear. It’s more time consuming and to what end?

Random rolls are coming back and I know there will be plenty of people happy to see that. This is one topic I don’t have feelings on either way, but I’m always glad when people are happy.

In the trailer they said new supers are coming, but each super looked to be a modification of an existing super. Will there be new subclasses? I didn’t get that impression. When The Taken King expansion released, new subclasses were part of that. I didn’t hear or see any mention of new subclasses.

I typically love using a bow and arrow in games, and I’m excited to try Destiny’s take on one.

Gambit, the new amalgam of PvE and PvP looks intriguing. I like the idea of your attention being pulled in different directions, but I don’t know how I feel about the one person from a team who can infiltrate the other team. I’m curious to try it out for sure, but PvP has never been where my interest is. Sure, I still play it, but I never find myself enjoying it. If we lose I feel bad. If we win by a lot, I feel bad. Basically, PvP always winds up with me feeling bad.

The new raid space (The Dreaming City) looks stunning and I can’t wait to explore the homeland of the Awoken. I’m not sure I love the idea of a raid with more bosses than any raid before (as I don’t necessarily feel raids should be longer), but I reserve judgement until I can experience it for myself. They also said the raid space will change over time, but they weren’t clear on how or why that would happen.

The addition of collection and triumph tabs seems like a good idea. Some people love checklists and things to chase, and this will certainly help them.

Bungie said they want Forsaken to feel like it never ends. I’m curious how they hope to achieve that, practically.

Still no word about a change to the shader system. Color me unsurprised. And disappointed.

Forsaken will release on September 4th. I’m cautiously optimistic.

How do you feel about the Forsaken trailer? What did you like? What were you concerned about?

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  1. Having not played Destiny since the first one came out; I have no feelings about this one way or another. I am excited for those who still have a vested interest in said game.

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