Buyer’s Remorse Strikes Again

I may not get to games as quickly as I’d like (as my heaving backlog would colorfully suggest), but I rarely experience buyer’s remorse. The last time I can recall this happening was when I bought Homefront: The Revolution at launch. I don’t base my opinions of games off reviews, but when the vast majority of reviews for a title come out on the negative side, there’s probably something to the collective opinion.

I’ve had Agony pre-ordered for a while, and I was excited to try out a game with such an interesting premise. Agony, as described on the game’s website:

Agony is a first-person survival horror game currently in development. Players will begin their journey as (sic) tormented soul within the depths of hell without any memories of his past.

As of yesterday, when I checked the game’s score on Metacritic (I don’t live or die by Metacritic, but, in this case, it is telling), it was at a whopping 48/100.

I’m not a math wizard but I’m pretty sure that equates to a robust F-.

I’m never glad when a game is reviewed poorly. So many people put so much work into creating a game. It has to be a huge disappointment to the team when things don’t turn out well.

I pre-ordered a physical copy of Agony from Amazon; I opened it as soon as it arrived, and well before I’d read any reviews. Of course I can’t return it now, so it looks like I have a physical copy of Agony for posterity.

I’m sure I will still play it, at least part of it, to experience it for myself, but I already feel a little dumb for picking it up. Of course, of all the games I’ve pre-ordered, the ratio of duds to great games is ridiculously low so I can’t feel too bad.

I’d love to say I will live and learn, but I doubt I will stop pre-ordering titles that look interesting to me. I guess it’s all just a glorious crap shoot.

This weekend I really want to play something new. I want to dive in to SOMETHING. I still want to play A Way Out, I still want to play Detroit: Become Human, and I still want to play God of War.

All that being said, I have a feeling I will be continuing to catch up on things in Destiny 2. Oof.

What will you be playing this weekend? Also, have you ever bought a game only to immediately regret it? If so, which game/s? Did you wind up playing it/them, anyway? Or did you cut your losses and trade it in or sell it immediately?

Please be safe out there, friends. Save your strength for E3!

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  1. An interesting topic. Nothing like having buyer’s remorse. Like you, I usually play a game to get the “feel” for it. If it doesn’t “click” then I’ll trade it in for credit or another game that has piqued my interest. Not playing anything this weekend. I’ll continue my GoW journey Monday hopefully.

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  2. It’s not one that most people would say, but my latest and biggest case of buyer’s remorse was Overwatch. After playing the beta I didn’t really get a groove with the gameplay loop but I bought it anyway after the slew of rave reviews. I gave it a few tries but it still never grabbed me and I always regretted purchasing it.

    I actually traded it in with a few other games to partially pay for God of War. I was surprised that it was the bulk of the money I received as credit and with the combined game credits I got God of War for half price. I’m still exploring in that for now, but I’m starting to get tired of the combat.

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    • Interesting! For me, I played it like crazy for a few weeks, then fell off completely. You just never know what will click and what won’t. On paper, I should LOVE Fallout 3 and I’ve tried to start it at least three times. Each time I can’t get past the first few hours and then I stop.

      I love that you can trade games in towards other games. Another reason I love physical copies. I’m glad you were able to get God of War at a discount but I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying the combat.


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