Status Report: Week 14 (Nowhere Fast)

If you had asked me a month ago, heck, even a week ago if I would have taken a few days away from Far Cry 5 at this point, I would have said it was highly unlikely.

But, here I am, and I’ve not played since Thursday night.

Last Wednesday, I wrote about my early impressions of the game, and I wasn’t terribly sold on Ubisoft’s finished product. After playing more solo, and then a bit in co-op, I found myself wanting to take a breather.

I’m always happy when people love games. I’m also happy when I love games. I’ve seen plenty of people who are out there enjoying Far Cry 5 for what it is, but I have to admit: I’m not sure I’ve been having fun.

Yes, I will keep at it this week and, yes, I will finish it, but it’s a (I’m so sorry for the pun I’m about to make) far cry from what I thought it would be.

Alas. Different strokes and all that. Despite my disappointment, I’m super excited for the promising DLC coming our way with the season pass. I’m also looking forward to having Far Cry 3 to play on current gen where I can screenshot and make video clips to my heart’s delight.

What I have been playing a lot of over the past week is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. With the Zipper’s Wonderland event in full swing, I’ve been checking in far more regularly. It’s another garden-based event and, as per usual for most of that variety, the RNG has been god awful. The event has the player planting heart shaped roses (I’m not even going to ask) and catching “Scramblers.” Scramblers are fancy eggs with legs and feet and they march in place. With how they look, the name Scramblers makes me feel certain they are being harvested for nefarious purposes. Also, let’s say I have twenty new plants for them to appear on; most of the time they will appear on about half. And of those that do appear, I’m catching about 50% of them, sometimes far less. Yesterday, only five showed up at one point, and of those five, I only caught one.


I’m not a huge fan of the garden-based events.

Still, I always enjoy collecting new items and participating in the events. I’m a huge fan of a sense of occasion, and I love that Pocket Camp keep providing its players with new things to do and collect.

I’ve also done something silly and whimsical: I’ve crafted matching shirts and hats for all my campers, and I have to say it tickles me. I had an idea to make my camp like a creature heaven, so I made halos for every camper, as well as sailor shirts because they are so darn cute.

I just love Animal Crossing.

Of course, all this makes me yearn for a proper Animal Crossing for Switch, but I’m wondering just how soon that’s in the cards. Perhaps we will hear something at E3 in just a couple of months.

This week, I’m hoping to make some real progress and complete Far Cry 5. I’d also like to finally get to A Way Out with my partner, as I’ve heard some divisive opinions on the game; I’d like to experience it for myself. If I can get to both of those games this week, I will consider that a win.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this week?

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  1. Hey Rebekah! Sorry that Far Cry 5 isn’t what you’d thought it would be. I’m just waiting for the release of God of War. Also, I plan to get back into COD’ mp today. I just recently finished playing season two of TT’ Batman series. What an ending! They really built up the Joker, imho! I got the vigilante ending for him. Youtube it! It definitely played differently than “canon Joker”. You know the type crazy as hell, kill everybody & torment Batman. I liked how they portrayed the “humanity” of Joker, if that’s possible! Telltale was daring, bold, & ballsy for their Joker portrayal. Great ending to a great season. Here’s to season 3, perhaps?!

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    • Hey, Rich! And that’s okay. It’s not ideal, but there will always be other games.

      I hope God of War turns out wonderfully!

      I keep hearing interesting things about TT’s Batman; I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  2. The Flame in the Flood. Possibly others. I am sorry that FC5 hasn’t seemed to meet its potential; neither for you, nor others. I, too, hope the DLC brings it in a Blood Dragon-y fashion.

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    • I hope you are enjoying Flame in the Flood. It has such cool art direction.

      As for FC5, it’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. I definitely don’t understand some of the choices made.

      I hope the DLC is so good!


  3. I live again! It’s been a whirlwind of a time that’s not over yet. But I appreciate your postings keeping me sane all the while. I’ve read even if it was by lurking. That’s too bad about Far Cry 5. While it’s a title I’ll likely skip, the buzz convinced me to finally start Far Cry 4. It’s still a buggy title and I’m still getting used to the single stick driving controls but it gave me that Far Cry fix. I’m still trying to finish Mass Effect: Andromeda, some days it appeals to me and others not so much. Anyhow, back to deadlines for now. Enjoy the digital gardening!

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    • MEGAN!! Hello!! I’ve thought of your often and wondered how you were doing (but I assumed you were still swamped with work). Oh gosh, thank you! It really is too bad about Far Cry 5. I think about all the work and time and effort that went into making the game and it is just falling so flat for me. Oh well. The DLC still looks super promising.

      I’m glad you started FC4! It’s buggy for you? Nuts. When I played it on PS4 back at release it was mostly okay. I wonder what is going on? Also, may I recommend the tiny crossbow? It was my favorite weapon in the game.

      The driving is always…something!

      I wish you much success with Andromeda. It will probably feel nice to finally put it behind you.

      I hope work eases on you, I truly do.

      And thank you!


  4. Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying Far Cry 5 like you hoped, especially since you were so hyped about it. I finished Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and the main campaign of Dead Rising 4 recently. Right now, my goals are to finish the Bowser’s Minions side of the game and the Frank Rising DLC. I’ve also started playing Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright. Not too far in that one, but I like what I saw so far.

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    • Me too. I’m still glad to be playing it, but I’m not necessarily enjoying it…if that makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to me.

      Hey, congrats on finishing Superstar Saga and DR4! I love that you are always playing an interesting mix of games!


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