Going back to my hometown is always hard for me. The city has seen me at my lowest of lows, and the constant drab atmosphere wearies me. I don’t want to say the Pacific Northwest depresses me, but it certainly brings out that side.

Despite those issues, there is one place I always want to get to while there: the trail above.

It’s called Burnt Bridge Creek, and it’s my favorite place in the town. I always make it a point to get there at least once per trip.

This trail has seen me through most of my life, from an actually youthful me, to a whatever-I-am-now me, and everything in between. It’s seen me, quite literally, at my lowest of lows, but that’s a story for another time, another medium, perhaps.

It’s changed over the years, as have I, but it still soothes me. I went there once (long ago) with no intention of leaving, but leave I did.

And now I always come back. I’m grateful we can continue meeting each other, through our lives, and still connect. I never thought I’d feel such a way about a trail, but I do.

I am reminded how grateful I am to be here, to be present, and to experience life. I may be struggling in general, but I am awfully fortunate and hopeful about the future. I find beauty in the smallest of things, and am grateful for that, too. Sometimes I am so filled with it, my heart aches.

Thank you for being you and being here. I am filled with gratitude for you, too.

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  1. Sorting out the complexities of life isn’t easy. Your post brought to mind The Giving Tree for me. I’ve found it odd to grow up and to look back then to take all that I could see and to make my own choices about who I am now. During the recent Alabama senator election, I looked up the AL county where I spent many summers with my great-grandmother. I marveled at how small my entire universe was at the time. One day, I’d enjoy the opportunity to visit the area and her gravestone. I’m grateful for this space too.

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    • Indeed it is not. And it’s funny you mention The Giving Tree; that just came up at Christmas Eve dinner and a friend mentioned he never realized what a heavy book it was until he re-read it as an adult.

      I very much understand what you are saying about choices and the sizes of our worlds. Sometimes things seem so vast when really, geographically, they are so small. Microcosms of memories, really. So much of my life took place where I took this picture. Going back is reassuring for me.

      I sincerely hope you are able to go back to visit her grave and the town. I hope you will write about it when you do.

      And I’m unsure if your last statement meant the town where she lived or something else, but I will join you in gratitude. It’s a lovely place to be.


  2. Such beautiful sentiments from a beautiful heart. I’m looking forward to walking this trail myself and know I will feel close to you there my friend.

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    • Oh Kathy, thank you!

      I sincerely hope you are able to find yourself out there some time, and I consider myself fortunate indeed to be thought of by you. I just think the world of you.


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