Status Report: Week 52 (Oh, Hey, It’s Christmas!)

Happy Christmas, friends!! If you don’t celebrate Christmas (or anything at all), I wish you happy whatever that might be (or not be)!

Real talk: I woke up this morning and had that nagging feeling I was forgetting something (I’m on holiday and I forgot to bring my glasses with me, so, this seemed like a feeling I should pay attention to). I rolled out of bed (kind of literally), went to brush my teeth and take my morning vitamins. Only when I saw it was time for the Monday section of vitamins did I realize what that meant.

One OH CRAP later, and here we are.

I have never missed a day of my writing schedule in all these years; it would be a shame to miss one now.

I can’t believe it’s week 52 of the year. In some ways, it feels like 2017 was the longest year (for so many reasons), and it also feels like it flew by. I’m looking forward to a more healthful 2018, and I have many plans gaming-wise (more on those later this week!).

Today will be a quiet day. My partner and I are on holiday in our hometown and, surprisingly, it snowed a bunch yesterday! I had originally planned to go walking today, but those plans may be put on hold until some of the snow melts. I will also be reading (a book I’ve been meaning to get to called The Lost Woman by Sara Blaedel; a thriller) quietly by any number of windows, and then there’s my big plan: to finally play my Switch!

I was waiting until Christmas to play it for the first time because I have many fond Christmas-related memories of Nintendo consoles. In 1989, my parents completely surprised me with the NES; last Christmas, my grandmother surprised me with the NES Classic; this year, my partner surprised the heck out of me with the Switch.

I’m all ready to start in on Super Mario Odyssey. There seems like no better time to commence my first 3D Mario.

What are you hoping to play this week?

With that, I want to wish each of you a safe and happy Monday. It’s an odd time of year and, for some, it can be a really awful time of year. Please be kind to yourselves.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. Happy Holidays to all! Super congratulations for maintaining your writing schedule, it’s truly an accomplishment! I’m waiting for our Christmas ham to finally be done so that we can eat. Other than that I’m absolutely crawling up the walls wanting to play my brand new Xbox One X and Player Unknown Battlegrounds (plus finish What Remains of Edith Finch?)! I’m so excited to have my new video game toy and all I want to do is play! My mom and my two sisters are visiting tomorrow and I’ll work a bit this week but I’ll play video games every waking second that I can. I can’t wait (to play games but y’know for family time too)!

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    • Aww, thank you, Megan! I keep on trying; hopefully one day I can make something of it career-wise.

      WHOA!! You got one after all!! WHEEE!!! Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy PUBG (I got it, too, but my Gold hasn’t been renewed yet); please let me know what you think of it!

      Also, I hope you get to play as much as humanly possible. You deserve it!!


  2. Hey Rebekah! Merry Christmas! Hope your day was merry & brought all the joy you ever wanted. Just been playing COD’ MP. Plan to break away for a few days & jump back into TT’ Batman series. Been having a blast in COD. Pun intended! Any upcoming plans on the blogs, reviews, etc. for 2018?

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    • Happy Christmas to you, too! It was a quiet day, but also a restful one.

      I hope you enjoy whatever you play, and I actually just wrote today about my plans for 2018! Wheee!!


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