Short Takes: I’m Trying To Hold Out On Buying A Switch

I decided something last week: for the remainder of the year, unless there is something specific and topical to write about, I’m going to be doing “Short Takes.” Those Short Takes will be anything from random thoughts to bits of news, or anything of note.

It’s going to get all casual in here. I hope no one minds.

Today, I’m thinking about the Switch, that beautiful neon red and blue Joy-Con version. The more I think about one, the more I want one. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I find I often pine for Nintendo consoles around Christmas.

Also, I want to play Super Mario Odyssey so bad I can practically taaaaaaaaaste it.

My current plan is to save up any gift cards from the season and put them towards a system after the 1st of the year. I mean, I don’t see one coming my way during the holiday itself, but I’m not giving up on getting one shortly after the new year.

What are you pining for this holiday season? Gaming or non, doesn’t matter. I’d love to hear what people are hoping to obtain.


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  1. Non game want:
    Drill press please.
    Looking to my gift card from the orange big box store. (“There’s no place like home.”)
    Keep up the good work.

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    • I hope you find that…drill press under your tree this year. Everyone loves the holiday drill press.

      I’m not sure it’s good, but I sure do keep at it. Thank you, though.


  2. I updated my PS subscription thru a promo code I found from Amazon. Got it for ~$40. :) Now, I have it for the next two years, yay!!

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  3. I’m hoping to obtain some new clothes and cash is always welcome! Other than that, just enjoying seeing family I rarely get to be with is enjoyable.

    That’s a good plan of attack in obtaining a Switch. I hope that you do get to play Super Mario Odyssey soon because it’s one of the best games to just relax and enjoy. It always leaves me smiling!

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    • I hear you on seeing family! We almost never get to see family outside of holiday travel. So I treasure it.

      I hope you get some new clothes and cash!

      I really am going to try to hold out. But holy heck I want to play Odyssey!!


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