Status Report: Week 47 (Endless Night)

I can’t seem to stop sleeping. I can’t get enough of it, apparently. The past couple of weeks, I’ve been lucky to stay awake for six hours at a time and, as you may have guessed, that has made it difficult to do much of anything of import, let alone make progress in any of the games I’d like to.

A typical day/night for me is (currently) like this: I sleep all night after going to bed at a reasonable hour. I wake up early (usually between 4am and 6am). I stay awake until around 11am when I start to struggle to stay awake. I keep telling myself to stay awake and move around, yet neither helps and I fall back asleep. I wake up around 7pm or 8pm, eat some dinner, write, and crawl back into bed.

My life has become a series of massive naps.

That might sound great, but it’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve already spent most of this year horizontal and snoozing due to this seemingly endless illness, and I’m just ready to be done. I have so much I’d like to do. I desperately want to do it. Instead, I’m asleep.


This past week, I’ve played some Animal Crossing: New Leaf each day, so there is that, but I’ve made no other progress in any other game. At all. I’m grateful to have at least played Animal Crossing; it’s soothing and whimsical and lovely, and I think I could very much use all those things in my life right now. I’m just often too exhausted to even play games, and that’s pretty ridiculous.

I’d really like to get my life together.

This week is Thanksgiving, so my partner will be home for the extended weekend and I imagine some sort of co-op gaming will transpire. Unofficially, when he is off for anything above and beyond a normal weekend, we do a silly thing and play like the first 30 minutes of a crap ton of games just to see what’s what. It’s overwhelming and super fun and I kind of hope we are able to do that again. I often psych myself out of starting games (for many ridiculous reasons), and this can sometimes jump start my playing something I might not have otherwise.

I really have no excuse. I don’t work. I do care for the pupper and make sure he is always squared away and happy. I barely care for myself. Other than my always stupid health, I have literally no excuse for not playing everything I possibly can.

It’s embarrassing. And I feel sort of pathetic. I both want and need to do better.

I think this week could be a positive. I can turn things around at any moment.

We have no plans for Thanksgiving, so there will be all kinds of uninterrupted time for gaming. The following week, we are going out of town for my birthday, so I will be without a gaming system for three days; I’d better make strides while I can.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week? Are you feeling the end of the year crunch to play and complete certain games? Which ones are you hoping to get to before December 31st?

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    • Hey, if you would rather put your gaming time elsewhere, that makes perfect sense to me. I wish I had done that with the Black Ops III campaign; it was terrible.


      • Hey Rebekah! Quick update: I have progressed past the S.O.E. mission. Got a few more to go until the end. Mainly, been putting my time in MP. The S.O.E. mission was stealth for the most part. Ugh! Hate missions like that; didn’t you do a blog on stealth games/levels? If not, I highly recommend it. I’d like to give some in-depth thoughts/commentary. Thx for reading this!

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  1. I’m playing through Uncharted Lost Legacy right now. I’m not really feeling this one which is strange but I’ll power through it. I’m hoping to add a few more titles to my completed list by year’s end; I’m planning to add South Park the Fractured But Whole and maybe Horizon Zero Dawn which could be possible, but there’s so many games I wish I could have gotten to. I hope you have a great week!

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    • Well I hope you wind up at least enjoying Lost Legacy well enough. Powering through can sometimes be a huge bummer.

      I hope you get to as many games as possible!


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