My Endless Glee With PS4 Screenshots: Take 8 (South Park Edition)

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of the PS4 screenshot function. I take screenshots constantly, and when I’ve missed an opportunity to take one, I take a video clip so I can go back and screenshot the moment I wanted.

I do love my screenshots.

When I played through South Park: The Fractured But Whole recently, I found the game ripe for silly screenshots. Below, you will find some of my favorites.

Fair warning: There are a couple of very minor spoilers in the images below.

Here we go!

I think Fastpass is my favorite character in the game. Well, next to a fish that shows up later on.

The look on my character’s face is all too relatable.

When I saw the toys in this garage, I had to take a closer look. Upon further inspection, I believe that toy on top of the water heater is a Blood Dragon. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is also a Ubisoft game, so I think it’s fairly likely this assessment is correct.

This scene was hilarious in its own right, but the MOO COWS!!! sign in the background kept amusing me.


Something about these two peeking through the window with their little hands on the sill just made me laugh.

I have a strange fondness for anthropomorphic creatures, and this fish was no exception. I just want to boop his fish snout.

Also his necklace is great. I feel like if a fish was going to have chest hair, this fish would be it.

I’m a huge fan of the word “barf.”

Between the hair, the outfit, and the decor, this screenshot is over the top.

One of my two favorite costume pieces in the game was this shark hat. Something about standing behind my little fishbowl greatly amused me. I wish when I was wearing that hat that I could communicate with the goldfish.

Now I know this might seem like a spoiler, but it isn’t, really. When I walked into this, I was like, oh what the hell is going on? I mean…that’s an excessive amount of…jam.

I loved this ultimate move. Not only did it enable me to heal everyone on my team, but it was quite pretty. I mean, just look at my little character! So peaceful. Much heal.

When I finished the game, this was the outfit I was wearing. I thought nothing would usurp my shark hat (and, in my heart, nothing did), but once I saw this cobra head, I was all in. Just look at those little paper fangs taped on! Every single time I saw them, I thought, AWWW, in my head.

I also loved those shades. I loved that I could change the color to match any outfit I was wearing. South Park fashion show.


Before this gen of consoles released, I never anticipated that I would love the screenshot feature so much. Now I can’t imagine not having it.

I hope you enjoyed my South Park silliness!

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  1. Nice screenshots! This game looks just as fun as Stick of Truth. I’m not sure if I’ll get to it anytime soon, but I’m definitely looking forward to playing it at some point.

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