Wish List: Animal Crossing For Switch

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was my first (and only) Animal Crossing. I’d seen previews, then reviews, and it was the driving force behind my purchase of a 3DS (I got the Animal Crossing edition!). Over the course of that first year, I played around 800 hours of New Leaf. I adored it. I adored the changing seasons, catching bugs and fish, getting to know my townsanimals, and doing anything and everything to improve Xanadu (my town). It was delightful, relaxing, and whimsical. When townsanimals would move away, I was always sad (with very few exceptions), and I proudly created a room in my house just to display their framed photos. It’s my gallery of friendship.

In the following year (after I completed my museum), I tapered off drastically, but I still have over 1,000 hours into the game. I think of all the times Kapp’n sang me songs on my many trips back and forth to Tortimer’s island and I get a ridiculous smile on my face. I think about popping into the game when the seasons change, just to appreciate the nature in Xanadu. I think of all the times I took my 3DS with me in hopes I’d StreetPass another player so I could tour their home and find things I wanted for my own.

I love that game so much.

The Animal Crossing direct was last night and, while I’m excited to play an Animal Crossing iteration on my phone (even though I don’t generally play games on my phone), what I really want is a full-fledged Animal Crossing for the Switch.

I don’t own a Switch. I’ve waffled on getting one. The one thing that would get me to buy a Switch immediately would be a proper Animal Crossing entry. The idea of playing AC on a big screen sounds beyond adorable. The ability to take it everywhere with me is also appealing. I want to be able to check in on my town no matter the time or location. I want to see the beauty and whimsy in all its glory on my television (where I can appreciate it as large as possible), but also tote it around with me so I can be as productive as possible.

I know one has to be coming sooner than later. The last console Animal Crossing was City Folk in 2008. New Leaf (the last proper mainline entry in the series) was released in 2013. No Animal Crossing entry has been more than five years out from its predecessor, so I imagine we will see a Switch entry sometime during the next calendar year. In the meantime I’ve been having the urge to check in on Xanadu to see the autumn foliage and to pop in to The Roost cafe to get a hot beverage from Brewster. I may cruise around main street to catch up with townsanimals past, as well as putter around the museum. Just thinking about all this makes me want to wander along my beach, catch a boat to the island, and to shake some palm trees for tasty fruits.

And, most of all, I want to see Maple, my favorite townsanimal. She’s my sweet little bear cub friend; I just love her. Between her and Isabelle, they make Xanadu home.

What do you think about the news of the mobile Animal Crossing? What do you think of the name Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? And, for that matter, how do you feel about the Switch (if you have one)? If you don’t have one, what game would make it an insta-buy?

Also, for giggles, please enjoy these adorable folks from Animal Crossing. They always make me smile.

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  1. As you can imagine I’m exited. I don’t have qualms on playing mobile games, any good game is welcome. I like what I’ve seen so far, but you’re right: a Switch version would be even better. By the way, I bought the Switch late with just BotW to play. I was skeptical, not being an avid Zelda fan. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. What a wonderful game!

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    • HELLOOO!! I’ve missed reading your writing. I’ve not been well and I’ve not been at my computer reading as much as I’d like. I’m sorry! How ARE you?!

      Oh I’m so glad you got a Switch and seem to be loving it! And I’m glad you enjoyed Zelda!

      I will be playing Pocket Camp for sure, but I’m still really dreaming of that Animal Crossing for Switch. It has to come eventually, right? :)

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      • I know you have still been unwell. I don’t always comment, but I do keep up on how you are doing. It seems to be a really rocky year for you, have they ever fund what’s causing it?
        I’m doing fine, busy with work, but at the moment I have a few days off and we are visiting Cambridge in the UK.
        Sure, eventually I’m sure the Switch version will arrive. You wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve heard saying they’d buy the console once AC is released for it!

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        • Likewise! And unfortunately, no. The good news is that I really am starting to feel better! It’s a miracle!

          Well that sounds awfully nice! I hope you have a good time in Cambridge! And I bet! I woke up today, realized it was November 1st, and my brain thought: I have to check in on my town. The mushrooms start growing today. :)

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