My Endless Glee With PS4 Screenshots: Take 7 (Destiny 2 Edition)

Good day, Guardians!

As I’ve made clear before, I am a huge fan of the PS4 screenshot function. With Destiny 2 being as beautiful as it is, it would only make sense that I’d amass a record number (for me) of screenshots. In less than a week, I’ve already taken over 200! I can’t help myself.

Also, to be fair, there are a couple of super minor spoilers in these screenshots, so if you are concerned about any spoilers at all, please avert your eyes. Otherwise, feast them on the magnificent art direction of Destiny 2!

My Warlock is so pretty.

I’m a huge fan of the Warlock’s sitting animation. The only bummer is that your feet clip through your robes. Even still, I love it. It’s meditative.

I love the wooded area behind the hangar at The Farm. The lighting effects in Destiny 2 are beautiful.

Once again the lighting effects struck me. Just look at how moist everything appears and how well the light reflects off of it. The atmosphere has hooked me.

Seriously, I just love how my Warlock looks. The “afternoon” light makes her look all glowy.

My friend Grunts was swallowed by this crate. Titan in a box.

Some of the environments have been overwhelming. The sense of scale in Destiny 2 is far greater than the original; there is much more verticality.

Once again, the lighting effects blew me away. The Vex architecture is also always intriguing to me.

As a huge fan of bright colors (and all colors, really), there is much for me to love in the color palette Bungie has created. The aqua, red, and light brown compliment each other exceedingly well. And this screenshot doesn’t do any of it justice.

Those blues are so beautiful, it almost hurts my eyes to look at them. The light from the portal reflecting off the edges of the rocks practically sparkles.

Datalattice is the consumable on Nessus and, from the very beginning, all I could say was “Data Lettuce.” So now I always refer to it as Data Lettuce. It’s so pretty! I’d grow a whole garden of Data Lettuce.

I was so excited to see the clan I created three years ago actually in the game. I designed that banner! Our clan is now at 25 people and, last night, at least eight of us were on at the same time. I felt all gooshy that we were all working toward a common goal while doing whatever we were doing individually. We already reached rank 2!

One: I like in-game advertisements and posters (e.g.: BioShock) and this one stood out to me.
Two: Right before I saw this sign, a bunny scampered past me and clipped through it. If that wasn’t planned, it was a lovely coincidence.

I found a little cave (with nothing in it, weirdly), and I looked up to see these beautiful particle effects and space jellyfish. It was enchanting.

I could not love this red lighting more.

I swear, I am a sucker for beautiful lighting and these pinks and blues are dreamy.

I’m not even kidding, I stood there and looked at the light coming through that tree for a while. It’s just unbelievably beautiful.

I’m a huge fan of Destiny’s weapon names, and the flavor text is often hilarious or moving. This one gave me pause. How far will you go?

I love how varied the designs for certain environments are. This room has a very Kubrick vibe. I love it.


So, with that, I say I hope you enjoyed this collection of screenshots and now I’m off to take some more! I can’t seem to stop playing (at the cost of sleep and productivity), and I expect there will be many more screenshots to come.

What game/s have you taken the most screenshots in? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Not only they’re cool to look at when you take them, but it’s also cool to look them after a while and remember the game and the moments. I continue to love this feature. I hope other studios follow Naughty Dog…their photo mode in Uncharted The Lost Legacy is incredible. Changing facial expressions at anytime is priceless!

    Have a nice day and weekend!

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    • I agree! And I just love it, too. :)

      Oh man, I’d love more photo modes in games! I haven’t played Lost Legacy yet, but I’m looking forward to messing around with that mode.

      I hope your day and upcoming weekend are lovely as well!


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