Status Report: Week Twenty-Nine (When It Rains…)

It’s been a depressing week for co-op gaming, folks. I’m sure it has been little more than a series of unfortunate coincidences, but it’s enough to make me go back to solo gaming for a while. Sometimes innocuous situations look different when they are all strung up together.

Or, it’s just me and I am…unpleasant to play games with.

I made decent progress on some of my current games in rotation, but I’d thought I was going to start in on Ghost Recon: Wildlands with a friend on Friday, but that fizzled out with no word. I had hoped to play more Dark Souls III this past weekend, and while I was able to sync up with my co-op partner on Saturday evening, I feel I upset him somehow, and it was crickets yesterday.

As for the Dark Souls thing, I had decided to have half a beer on Saturday night (which is enough to make me tipsy), and, at one point, I apparently misunderstood where we were trying to go. I triggered the anger of two large enemies and I died in spectacular fashion. Oops. Other than the first boss (where I died three times before I beat him), and one of the times my game got invaded (a jerk person hunted me down as I ran away and killed me), it was the first real time I’d died in normal gameplay. So I just tried to keep my head down after that and do as I needed to. I managed to kill two somewhat tough (apparently) enemies (some jerk named Patches and a naked guy on a cliff with a katana), and get Onion bro’s outfit back to him, so it wasn’t a total loss. Hopefully I didn’t frustrate my co-op friend so badly that he doesn’t want to play with me in the future.

I’m just feeling like I’m not the most desirable co-op companion lately. This has happened once before, when a trifecta of situations occurred with Destiny, and seemingly no one wanted to play with me. It was one of the times I put the game down for a large chunk of months. It hurt too much to play at the time, particularly when I saw everyone online and playing, just not with me.

I mean, I love the feature on PSN where you can see who is online and playing what. I always feel inspired by that. In recent cases, I’ve felt, ahh, everyone is alive and well, just no one wants to play, even if we had plans to. It gets old.

I’m getting old.

Sorry this post is depressing. I’m not feeling so great about the quality of my company. I’m working on it, but I could use a general mental tidy.

Yesterday I finally started in on Wolfenstein: The New Order. I hate to say it, but I’m just not feeling it so far. I’m around an hour into the game, but so far it feels generic and uninteresting. I’m going to power through (I asked a friend when it picked up and he told me sooner than later), but so far I’m wondering why it’s not clicking with me. I really enjoyed the 2009 Wolfenstein so I was all ready to like this one. Hopefully my feelings turn around on it.

I was super excited about the Destiny 2 beta this week, but with all the co-op weirdness, I’m a bit less so. I’m sure I will jump in and try it, but I’m no longer bouncing off the walls. I think I’m going to spend more time with single player games for a while. I know that’s not addressing the cause, but it sure helps with the symptoms.

I’m way behind for the year anyway. I do hope I get to finish Dark Souls III, though. I was enjoying it so much more than I thought I would.

This week I’m planning on finishing Wolfenstein, trying the Destiny 2 beta, and hopefully finally starting Yakuza 0. I also have a pile of horror movies I’ve been meaning to get to. So we’ll see how everything pans out.

What are you hoping to play this week?

(P.S. None of this was meant to come out passive-aggressive, so if it did, please know it wasn’t intentional. This was merely meant to be a representation of my gaming landscape from the past week.)

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  1. My silence yesterday had nothing to do with your perceived faults – Potato had a supremely crabby day, and I never got any real free time to speak of.

    Sorry if it seems like I was absent because of you – I always look forward to our Souls sessions, being clubbed to death by giant deer creatures in the swamp or no! :-)

    And as far as Wolfenstein goes, it kind of starts out like a standard WW2 game – after the first area is where it starts to go in interesting directions.

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    • Hooray for my misunderstanding! A lot of weird factors clumped together over the last week to contribute to the “I am a loser who people don’t want to play games with” feeling. I’m sorry if my words came out sh*tty in writing this. They weren’t meant to.

      I’m really sorry Potato had a crabby day. :( I hope she is feeling better today.

      Okay, I was just worried I’d upset you with my swamp run. Like I said, the week just built up to my poopy feelings.

      Okay, that also gives me hope. I’m going to keep at it today. Like I said, I really liked the 2009 Wolfenstein (I believe they were made by different devs, though), so I am very ready to like this one, too.


  2. Rebekah, you’re never a boring or dull person to co-op with. I enjoy playing alongside you & Nathaniel when I do co-op. Sometimes, it’s not the people; it could be the game that you’re co-oping that can make for a sticky situation. Don’t let that “color” (for a better choice of words) your experiences or your playthroughs. I understand your reticence for wanting to stick with the single-player games for a minute. S/N: I have gotten moved into my place. I still need to hook up my PS4. I have everything set to go; my place doesn’t have a three-pronged outlet where I am storing my console. I need an adapter then I’m good to go. I’ll be playing Sniper Elite 4 when I get my console situated. Currently, working thru Ch. 3. Nothing like traversing thru the Italian countryside. Plan to try & beat the game before Uncharted: Lost Legacy drops next month.

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    • Well thank you, Richard, that’s really sweet. But it is hard to not let certain things get to me, particularly when they could have been avoided with a brief message giving a heads up in the first place. Alas, I can’t control what others do or don’t do.

      Congratulations on your successful move! I hope your PS4 gets connected sooner than later and you are back to gaming!


      • I hear you Rebekah. Sometimes, people do things t try & get a “rise” out of you if that makes sense. I’ll be gaming again soon. I have to replace my big back tv in my living room b/c I don’t have another HDMI connection. The tech has my cable running off the same input as I’d use for my console. I should be back to gaming come Fri. Thinking about doing a marathon session once I am up & running. :)

        Glad to see you’re back to gaming again. :) Did the Dr. ever say what the issue was? Looking forward to reading your next blog. It’s always fun to hop on here & do a little leisure & interesting reading, just because! :)

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        • I hope you get all your tech figured out and are back up and running soon! I hope you get that marathon!

          Oh man, I’m glad I’m gaming again, too. Now I am juggling several games and it’s sort of hilarious when I get adjusted to the different control schemes.

          No news on the doctor front, unfortunately. She was sympathetic and offered me something for the prolonged nausea, so that was great. And thank you! I always appreciate it!


          • Hey Rebekah! I should have everything up & running by this weekend. I have to replace my television. Not happy; it could be worse. I’ll get thru Sniper Elite 4 hopefully before Uncharted drops in August. any games you’re trying to push thru before a big release?

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            • That really stinks. I hope you can find one for not a ton of money.

              I’m just trying to play whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’m just so happy to be playing again! :)


  3. I’ve gotten rekt and pulled bosses early hella times; people get mad but it’s nbd they get over it and the game goes on; I wouldn’t worry about it

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  4. I’m so excited for the Destiny 2 beta! I want to experience the changes for myself. Sadly, I don’t have a pre-order code at the moment. My generous brother plans to buy me the game for my birthday and I’ve gently reminded him about the pre-order code but one cannot set the terms of a gift. If nothing else I’ll get to play when the beta opens up to all later this week. Maybe tonight I’ll hop onto Destiny for the memories. I didn’t play over the weekend except for Friday night but I did go to a Pirates baseball game. I had a “gamer” moment walking across the Roberto Clemente bridge to PNC Park thinking about my efforts in The Last of Us to reach the same bridge. I’m sure you’re a wonderful co-op partner, I hope to play with you this fall! I need to sort out my headset capabilities, I haven’t experimented with my pile of hearing aid related technology and my PS4 yet.

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    • I think it’s going to be an interesting look at the game. I’m sort of wondering why we only get a brief look at the farm, but hopefully that’s explained later.

      My partner doesn’t plan on using his code for PS4. Once I can confirm that with him, would you like his code?

      Hey! What a cool real life/gaming crossover moment!

      Aww, well thank you. I’m not entirely sure about that being true, but thank you all the same. And if you ever DO want to experiment to see how all that works, I’m definitely down. I hope there is some combination that allows communication. Either way, I bet we find a way to play some Destiny together sometime. :)


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