New Ideas (And Feedback Requested!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing lately. I mean, I’m often thinking about writing, but I’ve been thinking perhaps I’ve not been taking it seriously enough.

I realize that likely sounds amusing. I’ve been writing on a set schedule for three years. I’ve never missed a day. But have they all been winners? Of course not.

Lately I’ve been reading about writing. I’ve always had a relatively decent grasp of the rules of grammar, but I wanted to go deeper than that. I wanted to really improve, fundamentally. I realize it’s difficult to do that when you are ill and not playing games nearly as much (as I’ve been since January), but on a grander scale, I want to do better.

Across the board.

So, while my video game writing will stay the same (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), I wanted to see how people would feel about my adding a day for general observational musings. Would you mind another notification on Thursdays from me? Would you even want to hear my rumblings on various topics, non-gaming-related?

My aim is to be writing every weekday. Clearly I wouldn’t be posting all of that, but I’d like to start branching out with what I’m offering here. I am still planning on streaming via YouTube and Twitch once I am feeling better, as well as doing at least one review per month. But, for now, this is something I can do regardless of how I feel. And I’d like to try. If there isn’t interest in it, that’s okay. I’d still be writing those observational musings for myself, I just wouldn’t be posting them here.

I recently read that one of my favorite authors said informal essays are “silly and insubstantial.” This lingers in my brain. I’m not entirely sure my writing style amounts to more than informal essays. Then again, I think that style of writing has its place (and is also a slippery slope of definition). Robert Fulghum writes almost entirely in essay form (and was the first real author to make me laugh out loud so hard people stared at me in public). One could also argue that Bill Bryson (one of my favorite authors, period) writes in essay form, though more on the travel essay side. This makes me wonder: does my style and format of writing have merit? I hope so, but this whole writing thing is a nebulous and solitary beast that is subject to opinion, anyway. I’d like to think I’m working towards something, that something being one day getting paid to write. If what I’m writing falls under the “silly and insubstantial” heading, I have to admit, I’d need to adjust my trajectory.

So, if you take all these thoughts, swirl them around far too much and see what you end up with, that would be where I am. In this moderately confused state, I’m doubling down on my efforts to write each day and take this path more seriously than I have. I’d love to know what you think about a Thursday musing on any sort of topic. If you are interested, I’m ready to see what I can bring to the table. Please sound off in the comments below.

Also, my apologies this isn’t about games. I simply felt it was time to take my writing to another level. I need to push myself to grow. It’s uncomfortable as hell so I know I must be on the right track.

I look forward to your feedback (pro or con) on the proposed observational musing. If you have a moment, please let me know your thoughts. Also, if you have ideas, I’d love to hear those, too.

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  1. I think it would be a grand idea. I think it would be a good idea to keep those slots open instead of picking a type of topic for each day . That way you don’t have to write about travel because Tuesday is travel day or Thursday is art day you know. Though there is merit to having it set, it can also limit you in my opinion. You’re a great person Rebekah and I’l lend my support to whatever you’re doing!

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    • Oh the Thursday topics would always be open to anything. It could be about how I had a bathroom full of ladybugs or that I think tires smell funny. Anything at all, really. My apologies if my explanation wasn’t clear.

      I really just want to get in the habit of writing every weekday. I think it’s doable based on my existing schedule. But I want to push myself to do it.

      Oh man, thank you. That means a lot to me.



    MUSING AWAY! (More appropriately wouldn’t it be Muse away?)
    Sounds like conversation over coffee with friends. I’m all for that adventure in writing. (Well, I would be reading your adventure in writing.)
    What if you were to take your next writing assignment and write it in the essay format and then write it in a different format and decide which style you like better…?
    That’s my two cents.
    Keep up the good work Rebekah.

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    • I think, based on my website, the essay format is the one I will stick with. I try to keep my posts to around 500 words so people don’t get too bored with whatever the topic is, however certain posts have gone well beyond that. It’s just my general rule.

      The Thursday posts wouldn’t be constricted by, well, anything really. They would be observations, long or short, about anything at all.

      If I could, I’d probably try to write fiction at some point, but I already know I’d be terrible at it. So I will stick with observational musings for now to see where that goes.

      But thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.


  3. Go for it! You should write and post about whatever is occupying your head-space, provided you can put it into words I suppose. I imagine it would be pretty difficult to write about things you couldn’t put into words…

    I don’t know that it needs to be so structured, like “these days are video game days” and “those days are non-games”, but that is totally your prerogative. If you are consistently writing about things that are of interest to you in that moment, or that are relevant to you on that day, maybe the published product has more of you in it than if you’re trying to stick to daily topics? Of course I could also see how sticking to a topic structure like that can add more of an “exercising” quality to your writing… Well, now I’ve confused myself.

    You should totally do it.

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    • What’s up Douglas?!

      And thank you! Believe it or not, that’s one of the things I’m hoping to address: that feeling of not being able to put things into words. If I want to take writing seriously, I sure as sh*t better be able to find a way around (or through) that. It’s something I’ve been wanting to work on for a while.

      I will stick to writing about games every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but Thursdays will be freeform day. It could be anything from talking about liking smooth stones, to discussing why I am not a fan of clutter. Who knows. I just hope to make it of interest. Maybe funny, maybe serious, but always me.

      Thank you, truly. I’m super going to do it!


      • Rebekah!

        I’m trying to be more socially active again, as well as continuing to write myself. Too many thoughts have come and gone that could have been a lot of fun for me to write about over the last… crap… year? So I’m vehemently supportive of you exploring whatever topics interest you. I’m excited to see what follows.

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        • Sounds like it’s time to start writing again!


          And I really do appreciate that. This may be an exercise in the glorious ways I see the mundane, but perhaps that’s worth sharing. We will see. :)


  4. I too agree with the above comments. I think by limiting your topics you’re doing yourself a disservice. I think you should keep a list of topics as they come to you. The ones that feel appropriate for that day or mood you’re feeling are the ones that you should flesh out for a blog or two depending on your thought process & flow for that day. Just my two cents! As always I enjoy reading whatever you write. I may not always comment; trust & believe I read every blog posted. :)

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  5. I’d love to read your thoughts, not game related! To me, a connection online with someone is always more about the person and who they are/ what they think. So, perfect, go for it!

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