One small step for me, one giant step for me-kind!

Friends, I’ve finally done it; I’ve forced myself to end my gaming drought! I mean, yes, I’m still sick (two and a half months and counting), but last night I forced myself to try to play something, and that something was Everything.

Yes, it made me feel crappy (physically) to be playing a game, but the game itself (I’m only a handful of hours in) is a masterpiece unlike any other. I’d like to go into further detail in the future (after I’m finished), but it is safe to say it will absolutely be in my top ten games of all time, and that sentiment is devoid of hyperbole.

I love everything about it. No pun intended.

This past week, I dabbled in a little Pokemon Sun here and there, mostly to visit Poke Pelago, but also to add a few more Pokemon to my Pokedex. I’ve been playing in short chunks, but even that hasn’t been agreeing with me very often. I don’t know why I can watch movies or shows okay, but when it comes to controlling something and trying to focus, I’m still struggling. Pokemon Sun seems to be a decent choice for popping in and out in short bursts.

I was also at my doctor’s office twice last week. More tests have been run, and we still don’t know anything conclusive. I’m entirely grateful to my doctor for her tireless work in figuring out what the heck is wrong with me.

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Everything yet, but it’s all I can think about! It is one of the most beautiful and moving experiences I’ve had the privilege to play. I know there is debate among folks out there if games are art and, to me, they most certainly are; Everything is yet another shining example. But, to be fair, I see art in many things.

Which brings me around to yet another topic: art on canvas.

Years ago I used to paint fairly often and I’ve (in the last six months or so) found myself increasingly driven to do so again. I have many vivid color schemes in mind and I’m itching to put them to canvas. Of course, I’d have to be well enough to get to the art store to buy canvases, paints, and all that jazz, but the urge is definitely there. I think I will be heeding the call as soon as I’m well enough to venture out further than the kitchen.

So there you have it: I’m still sick, there are more tests, I’m dreaming about painting, I’ve started trying to play games again (to varying degrees of success), and I’m in profound love with Everything. All in all, I’d consider that an improvement from my last several weeks (even though I feel no different, physically).

What did you play over the weekend? What are you hoping to get to this week? Personally, I’m getting really excited to see the early reviews for Persona 5. Wheee!

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  1. Hey Rebekah! Always interested in hearing your blog thoughts; however, long or short they maybe! As for me, I was playing Horizon; decided to take a break from that. I’ll be playing Andromeda for the majority of this week. Would you compare Everything to Journey? Just curious! Glad to hear that your Dr. is being a tireless advocate in finding out the issue that has been plaguing you for so long. Yay! Happy to hear that you were able to play something, finally! I know you’re amped to play something. How does it feel being able to play something? Just curious!

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    • Those are two huge games to bounce back and forth between!

      I would not compare Everything to Journey. They are drastically different games with no peers in their midst. Everything is an entity unto itself.

      My doctor is a rock star. I’m so grateful to her. I have two specialist appointment in the next ten days, so hopefully something comes of that.

      Even though I didn’t get to play all that long, it felt GREAT!


      • Rebekah, glad to hear things are continuing to look up. I agree Andromeda & Horizon are two big games to bounce between. I think it’s doable. I just started in on Andromeda, what an opening salvo! Wow! I am further in Horizon; I had difficulty in choosing between side mission & main quest. You ever have that issue? Andromeda is a unique game; I’d recommend it; despite the “interesting” feedback/commentary that has come out since its release. No issues here, thankfully! I must warn of a slow start. After about the 2nd hour, it starts to pick up. :) Also, glad to hear your Dr. is still running test to get to the “root” of your issue. :) Hope to hear your final thoughts on Everything.

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        • When given the choice, I almost always do all the side missions before the story missions. I never want to miss anything or be walled off from doing something later. Also, extra XP is always good.

          I’m glad you are having a good time of it! I’m probably going to skip Mass Effect. I’m glad people seem to be enjoying it, but nothing I’ve seen or read grabs me. And that’s okay! There are a ton of releases to get to.


          • I see your point! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll let you know how that works out once I get back into Horizon. Still in the opening hours of Andromeda; I’m enjoying what I have covered so far. Just have a few issues with the UI. Other than that, the story is decent, the characters are ok, nothing great!

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  2. Super happy to hear you played something. I hope you enjoy painting when you get back to it. Andromeda and Overwatch for me the past weekend.

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  3. I’m glad you got some gaming time in and are enjoying Everything! I got a few hours of Red Dead Redemption in over the weekend. I finally made it to Mexico! I’m enjoying the exploration aspect, but the story seems to be dragging a little much. My brother said that the story gets better once you get to Mexico though, so I’ll have to wait and see.

    I’m definitely excited for Persona 5! It’s just over a week away and I can’t wait to dive into the story!

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    • Me too, and me too!

      I have actually never played Red Dead Redemption for myself, but I’ve heard that, too. Hopefully things pick up for you in the game.

      Oh my gosh, Persona 5. I can’t wait! The review embargo lifts on Wednesday and you can bet I will be all over GI’s review as soon as it’s up!


  4. Everything looks interesting…I saw a few videos and I’d like to try someday.

    This weekend I finished Killer is Dead and started The Legend of Kay. Two really weird games to be playing in 2017. I love linear games! Specially after two long journeys with Yakuza 0 e Horizon Zero Dawn. I’ll play Legend of Kay until Persona 5 probably, I also got a few other games if I can’t get Persona 5 by launch.

    April is looking fun with Persona 5, Yooka-Laylee, Parappa and Lego Undercover.

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    • Oh my gosh, please do. It is beautiful and moving beyond measure.

      I like that you’ve bounced from huge open worlds to linear experiences. I think that balance makes a lot of sense.



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