Status Report: Week Twelve (Backsliding)

If you were hoping I had something fun to talk about today, say, video games, perchance, then you will likely be a bit disappointed. Instead, I have more things to talk about that include the seemingly never ending illness I appear to be trapped in.

This past week didn’t hold much gaming for me. I was lucky to play in sporadic fifteen minute chunks on my 3DS, checking in on Pokemon Sun and visiting Poke Pelago as often as possible to collect Poke Beans and to plant new berries in my crop fields. Even though my game sessions were few and far between, they helped make an unpleasant week a little more bearable.

This past week found me at the doctor (again) and the subject of more tests (again). I had a bit of a scare on Saturday night, and most of the time since has been spent resting. Things have been worse than usual over the past week, and I’m hoping that isn’t indicative of more nonsense to come.


This week holds a bit of promise, though.

A game called Everything releases tomorrow and even if I wanted to tell you about it, I’m not sure I could in a way that would make any cohesive sense. I watched an 11 minute trailer for it, and I’m still not quite sure I know what it is. But whatever it is, I’m on board. I want to have this strange and unique experience for myself.

I love the concept and the visuals and the “what the hell is actually happening here” vibe. I may not enjoy confusion in real life, but in games, this appeals to me. I love that sense of discovery.

So, come Tuesday, I may be booting Everything up to see what I can see. If nothing else, I love creatures and I like hearts floating around; it should be a good time.

I’m also going to bite the bullet this week and download Night in the Woods no matter if it goes on sale or not. I do think I could likely stomach playing a text heavy adventure (as opposed to a shooter or something similar) and it would be nice to participate in something as opposed to passively staring at the television screen watching any number of things I’ve already seen before.

I mean, I love Scream the series but I’ve now seen it over a dozen times. Same for Buffy. And the same for so many other things I’ve been watching.

I’ve also thought about trying to play something on my Vita, but I’m unsure if that’s a good idea right now. I suppose it would depend on the game (I have Yomawari: Night Alone in mind), but it’s worth a shot. I mean, if it started to make me feel worse (which doesn’t often seem possible), I could always put it aside for another time.

With that I ask: what did you play over the weekend? What are your gaming plans for the week? Will you be getting Mass Effect: Andromeda at launch? If so, what are you looking forward to most about it?

No matter what you choose to play, I hope you are enjoying yourself. This year has been unreal for games so far, and it’s only going to get better. Cheers, friends.

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  1. Over the weekend I played a little more Red Dead Redemption. I’m enjoying just wandering around finding things and doing the side missions I come across since the story missions feel really similar. It’s also a nice parallell to Breath of the Wild which I play a little on and off as well.

    I ended up preordering Andromeda but I don’t think I’ll be starting it until I finish at least one of these games. I’m more interested in Persona 5 so Andromeda might end up on the back burner for a while.

    I hope you feel better soon Rebekah. I hope you can play and enjoy Night in the Woods and/or Everything.

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    • Your time with Read Dead sounds relaxing. The same can be said for Breath of the Wild.

      That makes sense. Those are all three huge games. I would do the same.

      Thank you, holy heck, me too. Like I said, I will download Night in the Woods tomorrow whether it goes on sale or not. I have to try!


  2. A scare, that sounds pretty ominous. I picked up your birthday present already.
    I hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Ps. Game On!

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    • It was scary for sure. My doctor is aware of it and we are moving forward.

      I am more than a little confused. My birthday is still many months off. Is this something I should have known about?

      And thank you. I’m trying to feel better like crazy. And I hope to play something, anything, by this time next week.


      • Just planning ahead.
        Just think of me as being the first person in your birthday line or the Disney FastPass line.

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        • Well thank you, but I’m not sure what to say. I am genuinely surprised.

          Please tell me the gift is a time machine so I can go back in time to when I wasn’t as old as I am now.


  3. That totally sucks that you’ve been feeling so poorly for so long. I sincerely hope it gets better for you and soon.

    I actually didn’t play anything at all over the weekend, but I caught up on a lot of YouTube watching. I just realized that I actually spend more time watching things on YouTube than I do “real” TV, what a world.

    I am planning on getting/playing ME: Andromeda, but not at launch. I love Bioware’s Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises but they often release post-launch DLC that includes optional party members and story content that is best enjoyed by playing the entire game again, so I’ll most likely wait until all of that settles.

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    • I agree, and thank you! My doctor and I are actively working on it.

      Ha! I watch far more YouTube than television shows, too.

      That actually makes good sense. Plus there will be a price break!


  4. Been playing thru Horizon; been taking a break from it too. I’m starting to hit a lull. Been going back & doing side missions, Cauldrons, etc. Looking forward to picking up ME: Andromeda this week. I’ll be splitting time between those two games for a while.

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      • Yes, really! I concur! I’ll let you know soon. Going to play a Cauldron tomorrow. Then, I plan to get back to the main quest line. Do you think you’ll get back to RE7 or any other games soon? Hoping thing are looking up on the medical front. :)

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  5. I started Night in the Woods and Tales from the Borderlands; finished The Walking Dead Season 2; played a bit more of The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine and The Bridge. Probably playing those – save TWD – for the week. No interest currently in Andromeda.

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  6. I have been playing Story of Seasons Trio of Towns and Atelier Firis this weekend, finally managed to get some good gaming in. Your scare sound scary my friend, unbelievable that you’ve been ill for so long now. I hope the doctor manages to find something soon!

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    • I’m glad you were able to get some solid gaming time in! Every time I see you mention Story of Seasons, I think about starting it, myself.

      My doctor has been amazing, truly. I was just there again yesterday for even more tests. She is aware of my nonsense event over the weekend, so we will see where this goes. I know she is committed to figuring this out, and that means everything to me. :)

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  7. I know I’m late on this one but I still wanted to acknowledge how weird that game looks! The gameplay along with that narration was something else. I feel like I’m going to be contemplating the existential argument that it put forth for the rest of the night (seriously). And all those animals flopping all over the place! And that wide eyed bear just hanging out in space like some all-knowing, bearnevolent being. What a fantastically strange looking experience.

    I also hope that you get answers soon about this illness that has troubled you for far too long. Hopefully some of these simpler games can provide some enjoyment until you feel better once again.

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    • It may look strange, but I have to tell you, after seeing more of the game, I feel confident that it will end up in my top ten games of all time. I’m not even joking. It is deeply whimsical and moving.

      Also, major bonus points for “bearnevolent.” :)

      Thank you. My doctor has been exhaustive with tests and I’m hoping we figure something out soon.


      • The game certainly is like nothing else that I have ever seen and it’s cool to hear that you’ve become so fond of it already.

        I’m not going to lie, I felt quite proud about that pun. :)

        Fingers crossed that you will soon have good news.

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        • It is AMAZING. Truly. My partner already believes it to be in his top FIVE games of all time.

          I hope that, too. Two appointments with specialists in the next ten days, so we will see what comes of that.


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