Three Tweaks I’d Like To See Made To The PS4 Interface

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been staring at the PS4 interface more than ever, and it got me thinking about a handful of changes I’d like to see made. One of these issues has been bugging me since launch.

Make no mistake: I love my PS4. It’s my preferred console by a mile, and I’m entirely grateful to have it. I’m grateful for my other consoles, too, but the PS4 gets the lion’s share of the action.

Recently I’ve been having issues with the interface speed, and it has only really been since the last software update. It will sometimes take full minutes to activate Netflix or YouTube, and when I push the PlayStation button, sometimes it can take around a minute to recognize that I’ve done so. Once I get back to the PlayStation menu, it can chug to the point where I just have to wait it out to do anything. I hope they patch a fix in soon, as it’s getting a little ridiculous.

That’s something that requires attention. The following three things aren’t necessary, but I’d love if they made their way into future updates.

#1: A wish list in the PlayStation store

I’ve often seen a game I want in the PlayStation store, but been so behind on games that I’ve put off buying it. Later on, I sometimes can’t recall the name of the game, and I’d love the option for a wish list in the store so I could add games I wanted to buy later.

Sure you can add games to the cart, but that’s a little different. You’d have to add and remove games from the cart depending on which games you were buying, and that would be a hassle. Having a wish list you could refer to would be stellar. If Sony implemented a Steam-like situation where they emailed you if a game on your wish list was on sale, that would be even better.

It would also be spiffy if you could look at your friends’ wish lists, which takes me to my second point…

#2: Gifting people games

A few times in the past, I’ve wanted to buy a game digitally for someone. How great would it be if you could do that through the PlayStation store?

Historically, I’ve had to go to Amazon, buy a digital copy of the game, then send the person the download code, which kind of takes the surprise out of the situation. I’d love to be able to choose the person from my friend list, choose the game, and send away.

#3: Remove unwanted icons from the TV & Video section of the PlayStation menu

This is my peeve about PS4. There are so many unwanted icons in the TV & Video section; why not allow each user to delete the unwanted icons as they wish? I mean, if Sony had to, they could keep one out of the way icon that would rotate through the different options that users could take advantage of if they wished. The other irritating thing is that they change the positions of the icons, so one day YouTube might be in a certain place, but the next day, it’s somewhere else.

I know this is a minor gripe, but I’d far prefer the option to clean up this portion of the menu. Particularly since I use it so often.

Are there any adjustment you wish Sony would make to the PS4 interface? And let’s not limit this to just the PS4; are there any things you wish would be adjusted on any current console? If so, what would you like to see changed?

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  1. Yea I agree with all three. Although on my PS4 Pro I generally don’t have any UI slowdown. Either way it should be smooth for standard PS4 too.

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    • Daniel! Hey! Thanks for coming over here!

      I’m glad the Pro doesn’t suffer from some of the slow down. Thank goodness!

      The new software update seems to have fixed the super slow navigation issue, so I am very pleased!


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