Acrostic Haiku: Holy Hell I’m Still Sick Edition


I have found it is hard to write about games when you aren’t currently playing any games.

It’s also hard to write about games when sitting up at your computer only makes you feel like you might barf harder. All I want to do is lie down again.

This has gone on for weeks now and I am weary.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything better for you than another acrostic haiku, but please accept it as a token of my ever-melting brain to not let you down by missing a day of posting.


Lazy days of rest and soup
Lack real benefits


And yes, how I say “interestingly” has five syllables.

I would absolutely love to play something again. Laying here watching awful forensic shows for days on end is turning me into some sort of vegetable.

Today I will definitely be trying to reach my doctor.

I hope to have real, game-related, content for you either later this week or, holy hell, by early next week. If I’m not better by then, I think I will have gone bonkers.

Please tell me what you’ve been playing so I can live vicariously through you.

Send Squirt soda and soup, please.

(flops back down on couch exasperatedly)

(sighs a lot)

I really wish I felt better.

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  1. Certainly get onto feeling better! I finished Dishonored 2 and the ending was a bit underwhelming. Eventually, I want to play the original’s DLC then replay Dishonored 2 as Emily and perhaps the story will have more of an impact on me. I’ve dabbled in Red Dead Redemption which has aged incredibly well but that game has horses that deftly defies the laws of physics. I want to finish Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign but I’ve been too busy with work to play much for the past week,

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    • Hey, congratulations on finishing Dishonored 2! I’m sorry the ending was underwhelming, though. I never played the DLC for the first game, but I started my playthrough of 2 as Emily and I didn’t notice anything added to the experience, though, to be fair, I was only about halfway through the game when I stopped.

      I have a confession: I never played Red Dead Redemption. I’ve always meant to. I watched my partner play off and on during his playthrough, so I at least got to see some of it.

      I hope you get lots of time this weekend to play!


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