Tone Poem: I Feel Gross Edition


As the title of this piece alludes to, I am still not feeling well. I have often been found with my face smushed against any number of pillows. I have listened to much Netflix and many Game Informer Super Replays. I’ve put saltines in a bowl and looked at them wistfully. Sometimes I’ve even eaten a few.

It’s been a rich, full week.

I’ve longingly looked at my PS4 menu and all the games I want to play and haven’t felt up to. It’s been over a week since I played anything.



So, as you may expect, this is going to be a short piece. Here is a tone poem for you.


Squirt soda
Rest rest REST
Little relief
Pillows pillows PILLOWS
Longing for soup
Longing for games
Tissues tissues TISSUES
A dream of relief


Well, there you have it. A delirious Friday tone poem.

And, to ring out the week, here is a photo from several years ago when I was not paying attention and a goat snuck up on me and started chewing on my pants.

It was a glorious day.

Be safe out there, friends.


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    • Thank you but I’m still in a physical hell. I can’t wait to feel better.

      I’m glad the goat story amused you! It was certainly funny when it happened. :)


    • I believe I did sometime late last year. I’m fairly certain where this is all coming from, and all I can do at this point is wait it out. Boo…

      And thank you!


  1. I give you many good wishes that you’re feeling better soon! I hope to finish Dishonored 2 this weekend with a low chaos playthrough. Then I want to both make progress on finishing an unfinished game and start a new game. I’m just not sure what to pick. Typing this out, maybe I’ll choose Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign as my started but not finished game for an low key completion (and I need a multiplayer game that’s not Overwatch). Then start XCOM 2 or Red Dead Redemption. Whew! Writing this comment gave me some clarity. :c) Feel better!

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    • Thank you! I seem to recall you haven’t been feeling well, either, so I hope you feel better, too!

      Oh man, you have some good games on that list. I hope you got to finish Dishonored 2 and that you are already into another game. I hope the weekend affords you time to play!


    • Thank you! I’ve been so out of it that I’ve not been at my computer much, and I’ve still not felt well enough to play anything. What a waste!

      Thank you, I hope this all passes soon.

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