Status Report: Week Four (Slogging It Up)


Some games are a joy to play. Some games you can play for hours and the time flies by.

And some games aren’t either of those.

Over the course of the past week, I’ve played a game I couldn’t wait to play more of (the original Borderlands), even though I’ve played through it literally dozens of times. No matter how much my partner and I were playing it, I wanted to be playing more of it. There is something about Borderlands that hooks me in every time I play it.

And I always want to play it.

The other game I’ve been playing in bits and spurts is The Last Guardian.

I seldom write “sigh,” but…sigh.

I will go into far greater detail in my upcoming review, but I can say it hasn’t been a breeze making progress. The only thing keeping me going is Trico. He is a marvel. If it weren’t for him, I have no idea how long I would have stuck with the game.

Again, more on that later.

I don’t know if it was the deluge of rain this past week here in southern California, but something put a damper (no pun intended) on my game playing. I had all sorts of lofty ambitions, and I didn’t play much of anything. I also wasn’t feeling super great, so that didn’t help. I kept reminding myself of the impending release of Yakuza 0 and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on Tuesday (tomorrow!) as motivation to wrap up the games I’m partway through, and even that didn’t push me to complete, well, anything. I also didn’t finish Titanfall 2, but I’m excited to do so as soon as I finish The Last Guardian. I’m going to force myself to finish the last few chapters today so I can pick up where I left off in Titanfall 2. BT is waiting on me, and I don’t want to let him down.

The more I think about Tuesday, the more excited I get to dive in to two new potentially great games. I have to admit, I’m super excited to experience Yakuza 0. The early reviews for it have been overwhelmingly positive and it seems entirely up my alley. Japan in the ’80s? Yes, please!

I feel like so much about Resident Evil 7 is still a mystery to me, and I’m glad I didn’t read up too much on it in advance. Some games I like to go into with as little foreknowledge as possible, and this is one of them. I love the found footage aesthetic of the video tape segments, and I love that the game takes place entirely on the Baker plantation. I can’t wait to explore and to uncover the secrets of the game.

So, today and tomorrow (at least until my games arrive from Amazon), I will be knuckled down to finish The Last Guardian and Titanfall 2. I know I’ve expressed hope before that I could knock them out quickly, but this time I mean it.

I mean, I always mean it, just this time I really mean it.

What are you playing this week? Are there any new releases you will be playing tomorrow?

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  1. Found a few games during the PS flash sale. I picked up Knack, The Wolf Among Us, & Tomb Raider. I’ll be playing those along with PvZ: GW until Mass Effect: Andromeda drops. Also, looking forward to For Honor too.

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  2. I’m still working my way through The Evil Within. Really enjoying it so far.

    I’m really bummed that RE7 is getting such good reviews because I know I won’t be able to play it any time soon… and I hear there are spoilers going around the internet. I really hope I can avoid them long enough so that I can still get that sense of mystery.

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    • I’m glad you are enjoying your time with The Evil Within, and I bet you end up playing RE7 sooner than you think.

      I’m about 2.5 hours into it and I’m not sure what I think.


      • Hey Rebekah! I remember in your last blog post that you’re under the weather. Have you been able to get that under wraps? Also, have you been able to stay upright long enough to get a few hours of gaming in? I have made it to Ch. 9 in Knack. I have a few more chapters to go to finish. Then, I plan to restart Wolf Among Us. While, I await the reviews for both For Honor & Horizon.


        • Sadly, no. I am still just as sick as before. Boo! :(

          That also means I’ve done absolutely zero gaming. Another boo!

          It sounds like you have a solid plan. I hope you enjoy your games!


  3. I hated, despised, loathed the RE7 demo. The feeling that this chunk was just given to you with no context and you had to deal with it and weirdly obtuse puzzles.

    The game is not like that. The game is truly resident evil. I think I love it.

    Also finish up that Titanfall 2 campaign. I tear up sometimes and I have beaten it multiple times.

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    • I actually really liked the demo, and I’m not super into the game so far, so we are completely flipped! I hope you keep enjoying it and that I finally reach the point of enjoying it. :)

      I am hoping to play more of the Titanfall 2 campaign today. I can’t wait to play more!


  4. I’m not buying any new games this week but I’m enjoying the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard buzz. I’m glad to see a beloved franchise gain new steam. I’ve committed to finishing Dishonored 2 in order to then start XCOM 2 and/or Red Dead Redemption (thanks to backwards compatibility) in an effort to see what the RDR franchise is all about before the sequel releases. Dishonored 2 picks up in its later half and I’m having fun with a particularly clever level. I’ve learned that competitive Overwatch is a different game than quick play and I end matches in teeth grinding frustration more than I’d like (losing a match by 1% in which I played my personal best really wasn’t fun). And so I’m trying to find a better approach to playing, just in time for the new Lunar event. Overall, I’m trying to complete games before Mass Effect Andromeda releases.

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    • It’s exciting, isn’t it?

      It sounds like you have quite the spread of games before you! You are also making me want to go back and finish Dishonored 2.

      Oh my gosh, Overwatch. When it’s good, it’s great, but when it’s frustrating…hoo boy. It can be SALTY.

      I wish you much progress!


  5. I’m still playing Gears 4 multiplayer and a little bit of Shadow of the Colossus every now and then. I’ll definitely be starting Resident Evil 7 as soon as it arrives, and I also decided to get Yakuza 0 as well, though that will have to wait until I finish that. There’s so many games early this year that I’m looking forward to!

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  6. There aren’t usually this many AAA games releasing in January, let alone two of them releasing on the same day. It must be a sign for a great year of video gaming. I want to stay away from any footage of RE7, so I can go into this game as blind as possible.

    I’ll be playing Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, and I also plan on starting Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

    Happy Gaming!

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