December Game Challenge: Week Four (Travel Time)


I always make the mistake of thinking I will have more time to do various things while traveling than I ever actually do. I bring books, handhelds, and games, but the reality is, I will nearly never get to them.

This trip is no different.

And while I haven’t played much of anything (other than limited amounts of Pokemon Sun here and there to visit Poke Pelago), I have no regrets about it. We have been busy going places and seeing people and generally having a wonderful time.

There will be plenty of time to play games when we get back home.

I actually thought I would play some Yomawari: Night Alone on a car trip yesterday, however the light was so bright that I wouldn’t have been able to see very well and I didn’t want to miss anything. Instead, I listened to some good music and napped a bit.

Exciting stuff, to be sure.

I made it to my favorite place in Portland (Ground Kontrol) on Friday, and just being around all those classic arcade games filled me with joy. Good games, good music, and good company equal the best of times. I forgot just how much I love being in that particular arcade. I didn’t end up playing any of the cabinets, but I had a great time with great company and ended up staying far later than planned.

Arcades have a way of doing that to me, this one in particular. It made me realize just how much time I’d spend at Ground Kontrol if we ever moved back to the area.

Since I don’t have much to report and I’m actively on the go, this is going to be a short one. Next week I will be back to the robust pieces you’ve come to expect.

If you exchanged gifts this weekend, did you receive anything gaming-related? If so, what did you get? If you ended up with gift cards, what will you get?

I’ve got a heck of a story about what I received, but more on that Wednesday.

Cheers, friends. Please be safe out there!

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  1. That’s great that your trip is going so well and included arcade awesome-ness! I love going to Dave and Buster’s for that same feeling of enjoying games with others. I still always wander through the small “arcades” left in malls and movie theaters. My Christmas gifts this year were heavily video game themed. There’s the Witcher wolf medallion, the Corvo and Emily Funkos as well as the Mass Effect scarf and Christmas sweater. I now need to rearrange my video game/superhero displays but that’s always a fun project. I’ve ample video games and video game themed swag to take me into 2017.

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    • Thank you, I agree! Though it’s always my priority when we get to Portland to get to Ground Kontrol at least a couple of times. :)

      You got a Witcher wolf medallion?! AWESOME!! I mean the other stuff sounds good, too, but that sounds super awesome.

      2017, here we come!


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