I’m An Egg Making (And Hatching!) Fool In Pokemon Sun


Allow me to tell you a tale of pocket monsters and sharing. And learning. And then doing.

Buckle up.

A good friend of mine bought Pokemon Moon when it came out. I bought Pokemon Sun. We didn’t plan to do that strategically, it was just a fortuitous happenstance.

I love strategy guides, and while perusing mine, I came across a grid of which Pokemon were specific to Sun and which to Moon. When I realized I wouldn’t be able to catch my own Sandshrew, I was so disappointed. But my friend said he would catch one for me (and he did!). I, in turn, offered to catch him a Vulpix (exclusive to Sun), which I did, and when we traded, it was a glorious day.

We talked about which Pokemon from the opposite game we’d like the other person to find for us. He wanted Tirtouga, and this is where my story begins.


This is Tirtouga. He is one adorable turtle.

The only way to get him (at least initially) is to purchase a fossil at a particular location (you are only allowed to buy one in the entire game, at least so far as I can tell), you take that fossil to a totally different location for someone to basically bring him to life, and then, then you have Tirtouga.

But if I could only have one, how would I give one to my friend?

Good question.

I decided to venture into something I barely touched upon in Pokemon X (the only other Pokemon I’ve played at length): breeding.

I didn’t know what I was doing then, and I didn’t now. All I knew was that I needed a Ditto if I wanted to breed any given Pokemon.


Here is my friend, Ditto. I spent hours trying to find one and, after about three hours, I ended up with two. Hooray!

So I took my Ditto and my Tirtouga to the Pokemon Nursery and hoped for the best.

In the meantime, I also consulted a group I’m a part of online and some super lovely people gave me great advice on eggs and how to hatch them quickly.

What I didn’t know was that eggs generate incredibly fast at the nursery. I would get on my Tauros, run in nine circles in the small area right in front of the nursery, and as soon as I’d talk to the nice lady outside, yet another egg would be ready. I’d do that until I had about five of a specific Pokemon I was trying to breed, then plop them into my party with my Magmar (who has Flame Body, which makes the eggs hatch faster!), and begin to run in circles again while a new Pokemon was breeding in the nursery. In the meantime, I’d be hatching my current eggs by running around.

Someone in my group told me if you get on Tauros and run in circles (something I was already doing), the eggs would hatch faster. Indeed! After a minute or two of running, sure enough, all the eggs would hatch.

It is an addicting cycle.

It also allowed me to create five more Tirtougas. This pleased me greatly.

I also learned (from my trusty game guide) that if you put eggs in the Poke Pelago island of Isle Avue (the hot springs), when you take them out, they will hatch faster.

I can confirm that this seemed to be the case! Of course, running around on Tauros seemed like it was nearly as fast with less of a hassle so I will probably continue to do that.

I am now in a wonderful cycle of breeding neato Pokemon, hatching neato Pokemon, and hoping to trade some of them to fill out my Pokedex.

It’s funny that trying to find a particular Pokemon for my friend turned into a whole new aspect of the game for me. I absolutely loved the campaign of Pokemon Sun, and I can tell already I will be spending even more time with this feature.

Cheers to all those unfound Pokemon out there; I will find them! And I hope to bring some of the rarer Pokemon I currently have to others.

Ahhh…sharing. ‘Tis the season and all that jazz.

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  1. I’ve never played a Pokemon game and I aim to stay away from that particular black hole. Back in the day, my brother and I pored over a game guide in order to breed the Digimon that we wanted. It’s definitely an addictive cycle. Enjoy the sunny Pokemon islands while the winter weather sets in around us all! Congrats on breeding the Pokemon that you wanted! In terms of side quests, I loved Far Cry 3’s poker. It felt so lifelike that I always played when I came across a poker table. I hope that you’re feeling better! I’m better but still sick and the temperature will be in the teens tomorrow for my wait on the bus to work. Boo.


    • First of all, that makes a lot of sense to me. I know people who avoid Animal Crossing for the same reasoning.

      I loved so much about Far Cry 3. I remember one particularly high stakes poker game causing actual tension.

      I’m sorry you are still feeling sick! And having to be out in the elements while feeling crappy is even worse!


  2. Hey Rebekah! Surprised I’m first on here to comment. Interesting blog! Have you had a chance to start Dishonored 2 or Titanfall 2? Btw, I have to renew my PS+ subscription. Waiting until after Christmas to do so. Playing thru ep. 5 of TT’ Batman series. Just had the game to glitch out on me. Not sure if it saved my progress. Find out momentarily. That’s a blog idea for you. What happens when a game glitches? Plan to leave Batman alone for tonight; it’s having some issues for some reason. Updating the system as we speak. Manage to get things back in order. I don’t know what happened; guess there was an issue with a bug in the game. Thoughts?


    • Sadly I have yet to play anything on PS4 for about two weeks now. I’ve kind of been able to play Pokemon here and there, but anything else seems out of the question. And I REALLY want to play The Last Guardian. I am so frustrated at my lack of health.

      Oh no! Glitches like that can be so frustrating. Anything that renders amounts of progress unusable are just the worst.

      I’ve also noticed since the last PS update that things have been strange. Hopefully they get that fixed sooner than later.


  3. Addicting indeed! I remember when I played my first Pokémon game, Platinum, that I bought the really fat guide book. And found all the PK to be bred and how to breed them. Aside from using the Ditto, there should be more combos that you can only get by using two specific PK. At least, that’s how it was in Platinum!
    Great fun, my friend!

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