The Game Awards 2016: My Favorite Moments


Another year, another Game Awards under our belts.

I feel like the show is still finding its footing, but I’m ever so glad it exists and that Geoff Keighley works so hard to make it a reality. Publicly showing appreciation for games, and the people who create them, is a wonderful thing, and I never tire of people getting the recognition they deserve.

There are a couple of ways I think the show could improve though:

Eliminate Handing Out Awards Prior To The Actual Show
It diminishes the award and the recipient and just comes off as awkward and slapdash.

Present All Awards Onstage And After Reading All Nominees In Said Category
I feel they should allow the appropriate parties to ascend the stage and give their acceptance speeches. They have come so far and worked so hard, it seems only fair.

Fill More Seats
The game industry is unbelievably massive. I am certain if tickets were readily available to the public, a considerable portion of those seats would be filled. I’m not sure why so many seats are empty each year, but it baffles me each time.

Eliminate The Standing Area At The Front Of The Stage
They should eliminate the standing area and plop down an orchestra. And speaking of plopping down an orchestra, it would be nice to see a category for best score. As someone who is big into video game scores and soundtracks, I’d love to see some attention given to that area. It would be lovely to hear the orchestra playing bits from each of the nominated games throughout the evening.

I’m sure there are reasons these things don’t happen, but I can dream.

That being said, I will gladly move along to the highlights (for me). Game Informer had an excellent rundown of the night’s events, but here are my favorites:

Kojima’s Death Stranding Trailer
I still have no idea what is actually happening in Death Stranding, and I love it. I love the vibe, the imagery, and the promise of what’s to come. It’s fascinating.

More, more, more.

Inside Winning Best Art Direction
Inside is a game that has stayed with me well after the credits rolled, and I was exceedingly glad to see it win for best art direction. Though, to be fair, I’d have been just fine no matter who won in this category; all the games nominated were stunning, individually.

That Dragon Cancer Winning In The “Games For Impact” Category
It’s not often that I am in tears before someone presents their acceptance speech, but just watching Ryan Green take the stage made me emotional. His words were all moving, but none so much as, “It was not the story we wanted to tell.”

Powerful, powerful words.

The Prey Trailer
Prey is a game I’ve been interested in since its original announcement, and the new trailer looks more than promising. I don’t know exactly what is happening, but it’s got the faintest whiff of BioShock mixed with space adventures.

I’m down for that. And I’m looking forward to Game Informer’s coverage of it in their upcoming issue.

With that I ask: if you tuned in to the show, what were your favorite moments?


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    • I agree with Colton 100%. I too, Rebekah, think that there needs to be a film score or soundtrack category with gaming in mind. Also, with the upcoming game releases being announced for the 2017 year. Thoughts?


      • I don’t think there should be awards for upcoming games as hype can be a dangerous thing. There are plenty of current-year releases to create categories from. But I do wish there would be one for original score and one for soundtrack.


        • Rebekah, I never said that there should be a category for new releases. I did say that there should be a category for best film score or soundtrack. That’s something we both agree on. Especially, when it comes to indie games or the like. Thoughts?


  1. I was out of town during The Game Awards but in catching up I was surprised about Overwatch’s and Overcooked’s wins but congratulations to the nominees and winners! I’m excited for Arkane’s Prey reboot. I like Arkane’s gameplay and worldbuilding with the Dishonored series and there’s seems to be a lot of similarities with Prey. But I aim to stand resolute in my determination to buy less games overall this year so I’ll wait and see which games earn a day one purchase (other than Mass Effect Andromeda).


    • I’m also quite keen on the Prey reboot. It looks promising.

      I’m hoping to take the same tack and pre-order less and buy games on sale (unless, like you said, you know you want to play them on day one). I hope I can stick to that far better in 2017 than I did in 2016.


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