October Game Challenge: Week Three (Barf, Barf, Barfarooo)


The best laid plans and all that jazz…I had such high hopes for gaming this past week and guess what? I blew it.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling terrible. My head was killing me and I thought I was going to barf all over the place. It hit me out of nowhere. It lasted through yesterday, so the only gaming I did over the entire weekend, was a wee bit of Destiny last night.

That means the only game I played much of was the lay around on the couch and sleep all day game.

It’s an overrated game.

I’ve recently been wondering why I’m playing so much multiplayer when I have a ton of single player experiences just waiting for me. I think it partially has to do with the fact that I inherently love co-op games, but I also enjoy the company of the people I play online with.

I just think I’m getting farther behind with my backlog because of it and I don’t really know how to feel about that.

I almost feel like I have so many games in my backlog, and the desire to play all of them all at once, it’s making my gaming spin wildly out of control. I am always wanting to play so many, then when I have a moment to sit down and actually play them, I have a hard time settling on which game to start next.

One thing I have been doing (and being ill was conducive to this) is catching up on a slew of horror movies I hadn’t seen yet. Some were okay, but many were total duds. Still, I love horror movies and I have a bunch more I’m hoping to get to this week.

I wish I had better things to report on this game challenge and my quest to get current, but I’m so far behind in 2016 releases, I have no idea how I’d ever catch up at this point. I’ve sort of ceded that there are certain games I won’t be finishing this year (e.g.: No Man’s Sky, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) due to my lack of interest in them, but there are still so many I’d like to at least try before the end of the year rolls around. Then I start looking at the calendar and I realize there are just over two months until 2017.

That’s bonkers!

So, what I’m really saying is, I’m in over my head and as much as I’d like to think I’m trying my best to catch up, I haven’t really been trying my best, and that’s pretty crappy. I hope to turn things around, on my game challenge front, as well as several other fronts that need action taken.

Have you ever had every intention of making progress on your backlog, and yet something, anything, keeps you from it? How do you make time to complete those games? Do you just hunker down and start them? Or do you make a schedule? Or do you somehow manage to stay current without trouble (I know one person out there does!)?

With that I wish each of you a stellar week with much productivity. I have some (moderately) interesting news coming up this week, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Cheers, friends!

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  1. Hey Rebekah! Hope you get better soon. I have started on Tomb Raider & I love it so far. Also, looking forward to episode 3 of TT’ Batman series. What games are on the horizon for you? Also, I saw the Magnificent 7 yesterday. Good movie, interesting plot, and plenty of action.


    • Thank you! Today is already an improvement!

      I think my current list of games was in my week one game challenge post this month, but right now, I’d like to start in on Rise of the Tomb Raider, PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness, Mafia III, and a few indie games.


      • Rise of the Tomb Raider, great game! I’m about 5-6 hours in. Just finished the Soviet installation. Working on the geothermal mission. The graphics are breathtakingly beautiful. I have started taking some screenshots via Twitter. Expect to start seeing plenty of screenshots with that, Battlefield 1, & Batman. :)

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  2. I’m sorta in the same boat as you with co-op games,I like playing with certain people so that has kinda hindered my progress in single player games.


  3. “Have you ever had every intention of making progress on your backlog, and yet something, anything, keeps you from it? How do you make time to complete those games? Do you just hunker down and start them? Or do you make a schedule? Or do you somehow manage to stay current without trouble (I know one person out there does!)?”

    Hi Rebekah! Here’s how I tackle my games – I pick one, and I play it.

    If I enjoy it, I’ll finish it.

    If not, I’ll move onto something else.

    It’s that simple!

    I want you to take this in the spirit in which it’s intended – but just based on following your blog over the last few months, I get the sense that you give yourself a really hard time about playing games. Again, just my sense, but you seem like you give yourself stress over it.

    I wouldn’t see gaming as a task – a backlog that requires effort to clear, something to “hunker down” over and plod through, or that requires a schedule or goal-setting to get done. This all sounds like work!

    Games shouldn’t be work. They’re fun. Pick a fun game. Something you want to play from your pile o’ games. Play it. Enjoy it. Don’t script it, schedule it, or plan it!


    • You’re certainly not wrong, and I do appreciate the reminder. I like your approach to games! And I really do give myself a hard time over what to play and when. But I partially do see it as work, as when I started my website, I did so as “experience” to be a video game journalist/writer, so I tried to take it seriously from day one. But I do think, in this sense, it’s backfiring on me and keeping me from playing games.

      I’m going to schedule in some fun, stat!

      Wait…I may be missing the point.

      Either way, thank you. I sometimes think I need a reminder to simply let loose and enjoy a game!

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  4. I hope you feel better soon! In terms of my backlog, I try not to let it bother me despite the size of it. When it comes to what games I decide to play, it usually comes down to what type of game I feel like playing at the time (RPG, shooter, etc). I agree with Nick the Gent too, it sounds like what you truly want to play right now is cooperative multiplayer games. Enjoyment and fun should always be the first reason for gaming. The games will always be there when you’re ready to get to them.

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    • Thank you, Brian! I am already feeling lots better. :)

      That makes complete sense to me. I like that you just go where the mood takes you.

      And you are correct. I need to find the fun again!


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