September Game Challenge: Week Three (Lateral Moves)

trials of the blood dragon

So I played many hours of games this past week (hooray!), but one was Destiny (which I play a lot of, regularly), and the other was a game I’ve played many times, just not on this generation of systems: the original BioShock.

I’ve never made a secret that my favorite game of all time is the original BioShock, so when BioShock: The Collection released on current gen last week, the pull of seeing it in all its remastered glory proved to be too strong. I booted it up and was amazed.

I’m not even joking, here. The game not only looks how I remember it (nostalgia can often trick us into thinking a game looked better than it did), but it looks better than I remember. It plays better than I remember. The game is leaving me in awe all over again.

Playing BioShock again is just pure joy. I can’t stress enough how highly I think of the game. The remaster is exceedingly well done and I’m so grateful to be experiencing it all over again.

Gush gush gush gush gush.

As I mentioned before, I played a lot of Destiny this past week getting ready for Rise of Iron to drop tomorrow. I was farming like crazy to get an exotic secondary engram in hopes that it would decrypt to the new exotic sidearm (the Trespasser), but to no avail. Incidentally, something has been really off with the drop rates in Destiny since the latest update. There are a plethora of green engrams for the first time in forever, blues are dropping around 240 light (when the recent standard has been 300+), and the Three of Coins don’t seem to be working nearly as well as they used to. I hope Bungie addresses some of these issues, as they are terribly frustrating. I know they are trying to create a balance, but they should also remember that this is a game and games are meant to be enjoyable and rewarding…not stingy and frustrating.

Perhaps when Rise of Iron officially hits in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, things will change. I keep my proverbial fingers crossed.

Other than playing a ton of Destiny and taking my time on yet another return trip to Rapture, the only other thing I played was a bit of the For Honor alpha. The game looks beautiful, but I just didn’t click with the combat system. I’m glad to have been able to play it, but I know I will pass on buying it when it releases.

I’d love to think I could play and complete a game off my list of new releases today (and I’m sure there are a few I could complete in one day), but I know that all I will be thinking about is Rise of Iron and how I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ve actually even done the impossible and assembled a regular raid team for Wrath of the Machine (so much yay!), and I’m super looking forward to tackling it every Tuesday starting next week. I can’t wait to see this raid in action. The team is full of excellent players all around and I just couldn’t be more excited.

With that I ask, what are you playing this week? What are you hoping to get to?

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  1. I too, played the For Honor alpha; I have a different view of things. As you said, Rebekah, it’s not for everyone. At least you experienced it, for its beauty. I’ll be playing episode 2 of TT’ Batman series this week when it drops. I also plan to finally get into PvZ: GW which I have downloaded; I have yet to play.


    • Nice! I heard you teamed up with a mutual friend to play For Honor and that you both liked it!

      How did you like episode one of the Batman series?

      I hope you get to PvZ, too!


      • I played with Nate regarding For Honor. I liked episode 1 of the Batman series. It was enough there to entice you to want to learn more about episode 2. The combat for Batman as smooth. The choices remind me of other TT games. I like the direction they are going in. I hope they introduce more villains & characters. Just my two cents!


  2. I’m working on Danganronpa 2 and Uncharted 4 at the moment. I also picked up the Bioshock collection and will probably get to that next. I’m looking forward to seeing how good the touch ups look and from what you’ve mentioned it sounds like I’m in for a treat!


    • Brian, you ae in for a treat playing Uncharted 4. The ending is something amazing. We’d like to hear your thoughts when you’re finished playing. Enjoy the finale to a storied series.


      • I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the ending, too. I was far less favorable on it than Richard was.

        But oh man, that game was beautiful to look at. Several environments were so lovely I would just pan around and stare.


        • Rebekah, don’t forget screenshots galore. Uncharted 4 is a game that screams multiple screenshots. Especially being in Madagascar. Let’s not leave out the chase scenes, the caves, & the shootouts. The scenery itself was enough to keep your fingers glazing over the share button on the PS4. I know I took plenty of pics while playing Uncharted 4. That’s one of the best features on the PS4. Hey, there’s a blog idea. What’s your favorite features that the PS4 offers? Rebekah, you can thank me later. Just kidding! It’s always a pleasure to read your thoughts; while being able to input “my “two cents”.


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