Why I’ll Be Passing On PSVR…For Now


Over the course of each year, I frequently go through my existing pre-orders to make sure I’m still on board for what I’ve got on lockdown. I did this again the other day, and one of my pre-orders coming up for release begged for my attention and final decision: the PSVR launch bundle.

Initially it stood out to me for its price, but then I got to pondering if I wanted to be on the PSVR train from the onset, and why.

As someone who loves video games and new technology, of course I want to have it right away. I want to be a part of that early phase of VR and experience things that can’t be experienced in any other way. Back in March of this year, I wrote about why I wanted to pre-order PSVR amid my various uncertainties, but I’ve recently amended my decision. At least the timing of it.

Putting my need for not feeling left out behind me, I took a careful look and ended up deciding that I don’t need to be on the first adopter’s front line. I came away with three very specific reasons why.

#1: The Price Of Entry

I know as far as VR goes, the price point for PSVR is relatively low. But when I started thinking about that price ($499.99 USD), I realized it was more than I paid for my PS4 at launch. It wasn’t so much that comparison, rather realizing there were no launch games on the PSVR that I am interested enough in to plunk down for that point of entry. I know VR isn’t the gimmick many thought it would be, but it’s also getting more proof of concept experiences than full narrative games. I’m not sure I can justify that expense…yet. The more robust the catalog of games becomes, the easier I will find it to buy in.

#2: Too Many Unknowns

Really this comes down to just one big unknown: what are the specs of the PS Neo, and how does the existence of another console effect PSVR? Will PSVR run well on the existing PS4? Or will it be decent at best, and made to really run on the newer, as yet undetailed system that will undoubtedly cost far more? I’m already concerned how these .5 consoles will effect developers in the long run, but right now, I want to know how PSVR runs on both the PS4 and the PS Neo. I have no plans to buy into a newer console when the one I have works quite well, but I’d be incredibly frustrated to find out (after the fact) that PSVR struggles on the existing system, and another, more expensive system, was required to get the optimal performance out of it. Especially when it was touted for so long that PSVR would run on the current PS4.

#3: I Haven’t Experienced VR Yet In Reality

This is the big one for me.

I’ve been anxious to get a chance to try out PSVR for myself, yet I’ve not had the opportunity. I’d like to at least do this once before I choose to buy in to something so early in its life cycle. I’d like to experience it for the sake of doing so, but, and I know this is something specific to me, I’d like to see how it affects me, physically.

Since I was 18 I’ve suffered from chronic migraines so intense, I’m lucky to get a few days a month without them. Complicating my issue is that of the several types of migraines, I have three of those types, which makes my particular case difficult to treat. I also get visual migraines (though, far less often), which don’t hurt, per se, but are annoying none the less.

I’ve never known anything external to trigger a migraine, but I’ve also never played VR and I have no idea how this might affect me. For this reason alone, I’m choosing to pass on PSVR until I can experience it for myself to find out how I fare, physically.

So, next month, when everyone else is happily unpacking their new PSVR units, I will be all ears to hear about the experiences people are having. I won’t lie, I will be a wee bit jealous, but I know sitting this launch out is the right thing for me.

Will you be getting PSVR on launch? If so, what prompted you to be an early adopter? If you aren’t getting PSVR, what factored in to that decision? I’d love to hear how other people feel about this fledgling technology soon to land in our living rooms.

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  1. I’m getting the PSVR as soon as I can, but that means waiting until it’s available through Sony Rewards since that’s what I’ve been saving my points for.

    All of your reasons are valid, especially not having tried it yourself. Even if it works as well as it sounds like, there’s no way to know what your personal, physical reaction to VR will be and that is a lot of money to spend on a device that may turn out to make you sick.

    Currently I’m eagerly awaiting any details that may come on any of this in Sony’s media event set to start in about 10 minutes. I admit, I’m pretty excited. Will you be watching the livestream?

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    • I wish I could, but unfortunately I won’t be near a screen very shortly! I will be looking to news for sure!

      And I think you nailed it: if it makes me sick, no amount of money is good for that. But I do want to at least try it out sooner than later.

      That’s a good strategy! And speaking of that, I’ve been meaning to sign up for Sony Rewards. Do you have to have the credit card to do that, or can you do it independently?


  2. The first time that VR was meant to be the next big thing, it never went anywhere. And a big part of that was because of the migraines and motion sickness that went along with strapping a flickery monitor in front of your eyes.

    As I understand it, the technology’s at a point where this kind of side effect is no longer as big a problem. But I’ll wait to try it before buying!


    • I have no doubt the tech has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. For my particular situation, I just want to make sure I can even stand using the tech without exacerbating my issue.

      So yes, I’m with you; I’m looking forward to trying it out!

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  3. I too, like Rebekah am passing on PSVR. My reasons are similar; if it’s like being engaged in 3D, then I’ll pass! My vision gets distorted somewhat & my equilibrium gets thrown off. Also, along with the pricepoint, I don’t see the rationale for spending that much for the peripheral technology. If the price comes down; there are some games that interest me enough I may consider it for purchase after much thought & consideration. Just my thoughts!


    • I didn’t even think about the 3D comparison; good point. I’ve actually not seen a movie in 3D since I was a child (which was a very long time ago), but I imagine it it’s anything like trying to find the sweet spot on my 3DS, I would likely pass.

      Another good point: it’s peripheral tech. I never really thought of it that way, but you’re absolutely correct.

      Good thoughts!


  4. I’d love to give it a shot, but the price is still a little high for me at the moment. I still don’t even have a PS4 and am still waiting on the PS4 Neo, so I’d have to buy the console and the VR device.

    Also, I’ve been leaning toward the Vive when it comes to VR “consoles.”


    • Hopefully now, with the new PS4 model announcements (and the price dropped), you will be able to get a PS4 sooner than later. At least it will be cheaper or you will be able to get a better machine for the same price in the Pro.


  5. I’m passing on VR for pretty much the same reasons you list. While I think eventually it could be a groundbreaking development for gaming at this point in time there’s not much to it aside from the initial wow factor. When the games start reaching levels like we have now in terms of narrative and scope and the VR aspect adds a level of immersion that doesn’t feel gimmicky I’ll jump onboard. That will probably take a long while though since the technology is in its infancy.

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    • I quite agree with these sentiments. I’m still excited about it, but with only one game I’m genuinely jazzed to get my hands on, I can’t justify it.


  6. Now that we’re getting closer to launch there have been a lot of best buys and gamestops in my area demoing the psvr in my area on the weekends. You should check if any in your area are.


    • I’ve seen one set up at our local GameStop but I didn’t have time to wait for the long line when I saw it. But I super want to! Thank you for the heads up on seeing more of them out in the wild, though. I really want to see what the fuss is about. I’m ALMOST regretting cancelling my pre-order. Almost.


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