Dragging My Heels

abzu turtle riding

No matter how much I wish I was good at embracing change, I never have been. I understand change can be good. Unfortunately, many times in my life, change has brought heartache, and it’s hard to snap myself out of that mindset and into a positive one.

This past month has been a challenge. No matter how well I thought I was dealing with an emergent (but now ongoing) family situation, I knew all too well I wasn’t dealing with it in a productive way. Sleep has been hard to come by, and focus has been nearly non-existent.

It’s terribly frustrating.

Despite all this, I know that change can be a good thing.


Even so, I find myself settling into “comfort” ruts of various things, gaming among them.

I have a veritable pile of solid games to get to, but I’m dragging my heels on starting any of them, instead spending any time I do play games with old favorites like Destiny and Borderlands 2. While those are great games, I know I need to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone more. And more often.

abzu logo

Abzu is a game with a stellar pedigree and a beautiful aesthetic, and yet it sits, untouched, on my PS4. As someone who can’t swim, I find this game to be intriguing. I very much want to explore the depths of this digital ocean, and no matter what happens today, I vow to at least play a bit of the game.

inside logo

Inside is another game I’ve been keen to play from the moment I could get my hands on it. I’ve heard it referred to as a “playable nightmare” and I find that premise intriguing. I adore horror movies, and I’m all for the “less is more” approach. I think this game will be right up my alley…if I ever actually manage to play it.

no man's sky screenshot 01

I had No Man’s Sky pre-ordered from the moment I could, and I have yet to touch the game (actually, that’s not true; I touched the disc when I put it in my system to download the update). No matter what else happens today, I’m going to at least play an hour of it.

I know it probably sounds silly, that I struggle to play new games at times such as these. The idea of anything new right now seems mildly terrifying, and yes, even a new game. In truth, playing a new game is one of the safest new things I could do. I understand that I’m mentally hiding in a little cave and that’s not the person I am, nor the person I want to be.

So today, my goal is to push myself to play these games, however briefly, in an effort to shove myself out of my microscopic comfort zone.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that my friends list is a parade of people playing No Man’s Sky and largely raving about it. I suppose it’s time for me to send myself to space to see what the fuss is all about.

And I’ll probably sing myself some Space Oddity for good measure. Maybe some Rocket Man, too.

Have games ever helped you through a struggling time? Which games?

With that I wish you a safe and happy weekend. Cheers, friends.

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