Recap: Ubisoft’s Press Conference At E3 2016

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Microsoft started the day off with a jam packed presser. Let’s see how Ubisoft followed up. Here are the highlights:

In classic Ubisoft style, the presser began with a dance number in celebration of Just Dance 2017.

Ubisoft is celebrating it’s 30th birthday. Aisha Tyler was back to host for her fifth year.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands received an extended trailer. Dominic Butler took the stage to discuss the game and to introduce further gameplay footage. A release date has been set for March 7, 2017.

Jason Schroeder took the stage to bring out Trey Parker and Matt Stone to discuss South Park: The Fractured But Whole. In game footage was shown (psst…farts can be used to rip the fabric of time itself, though that’s pretty standard in every game). A trailer was shown, and the game will release December 6, 2016.

Julian Gerighty took the stage to discuss The Underground expansion for The Division. It releases June 28th for Xbox One, and slightly later for PS4. Three free outfits were announced. An upcoming expansion called Survival will be releasing “soon.”

Charles Huteau took the stage to detail and showcase a VR game called Eagle Flight VR. The gameplay shown was similar to a capture the flag style experience.

David Votypka took the stage to introduce a Star Trek VR game called Star Trek Bridge Crew. The game releases in Fall of 2016.

Levar Burton took the stage! He didn’t talk about Reading Rainbow but I was still glad to see him.

For Honor was given an extended trailer. Jason VandenBerghe took the stage to talk up the game. Extended gameplay footage was shown. The game releases February 14, 2017.

Pete Young took the stage to discuss Grow Up, the sequel to Grow Home. The game releases this August.

Trials of the Blood Dragon was announced. The game is out now.

Frank Marshall took the stage to discuss the Assassins Creed movie. An extended trailer was shown.

Jonathan Morin took the stage to discuss Watch Dogs 2 and show extended in game footage. The game releases November 15, 2016.

A Watch Dogs film is planned.

Yves Guillemot took the stage and introduced an extended trailer for Watch Dogs 2.

He returned to the stage to introduce one last game: new IP Steep which looks to be about extreme winter sports. An exceptionally long time was given to showcase in game footage. The game is set to release this December.

This was a particularly long presser with much shown. The last remaining conference is for Sony this evening at 18:00 PST. See you there!

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  1. I was super impressed by South Park The Fractured Butthole,I already preordered it and getting the first game is a nice bonus.


  2. I’m excited for Both For Honor especially with the SP & MP modes; Ghost Recon bc it’s Ghost Recon. Enough said! FYI, the added touch of playing in South America adds a certain lure to the game.


    • The more I see about For Honor, the less I feel I know about it. I hope it turns out well.

      Ghost Recon looks terrific. I can’t wait to get my hands on it next March.


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